Ugh, time to clean the house! Not everyone enjoys cleaning – but everybody loves a clean home. We know, it’s a LOVE-HATE relationship! Is there any way to make cleaning faster and effective? Of course. We are going to be sharing 6 quick cleaning tips that can make your lives easier and smoother! The biggest mistake one can do is cleaning room by room on a monthly basis. You don’t need to do deep cleaning every few months, that could take hours! Create a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning schedule to cut the time!

Since the announcement of nationwide lockdown, we are required to stay home to prevent the contraction of the virus. Times are tough; and so, it has become our duty to support each other. Find out how you can play a part here.  Staying home evidently means more mess, more germs & double the cleaning. Let’s begin, shall we?

1.Dust your house, remove the grease, and declutter!

A daily cleaning tip! Dust each room that includes furniture, shelves, TV screens & table. Declutter papers, files, or clothes and place them in a basket for a more organized appearance. To get rid of greasy fingerprints, use a soft microfiber cloth with warm water (add lemon if for a more clean and refreshing effect) and wipe away. Who can forget the kitchen? A place where oil spills and splatters are common. Clean the oil stains immediately to prevent dust and dirt from sticking on them, eventually making it harder to clean.  Avoid having trouble removing any greasy or sticky residue with a multipurpose cleaner. Recommendation: IGL Coatings Ecoclean Multi

6 Quick Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know
Kitchen cleaning

2.Clearer vision!

Pretty sure there are windows and glass surfaces around the house! Unfortunately, cleaning a glass surface isn’t easy. Done incorrectly, you’ll create streaks and watermarks without knowing, especially on your shower screens! Get a watermark and glass surface cleaner to better help you with the job. Quick spritz, wipe down, and voila, brand new! Prevents double cleaning and removes stubborn stains! Recommendation: IGL Coatings Ecoclean Glass+, IGL Coatings Ecoclean Glass

6 Quick Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know

3.Fabric fun time!

Strip your bedsheets, pillowcases & get your fabric cleaner, it is time to make everything lemony fresh and clean! Place your pillows on a drying rack under the sun for the weekly disinfection process! You will get a fluffed pillow that has fewer bacteria than before! Clean your couches and carpet with your fabric cleaner to remove stubborn stains from food spills that could potentially create an unpleasant smell and spread around the house, especially for new parents or parents with young kids!  Recommendation: IGL Coatings Ecoclean Interior

6 Quick Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know
Remove stubborn stains from carpets.

4.Disinfect & sanitize (IMPORTANT)

Go the extra mile to disinfect the house with the preferred surface sanitizer. Eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, mold & viruses that could potentially harm your (& your loved ones’) health! Ensure sanitization on high contact surfaces such as doorknobs, tables, countertops, & toilet surfaces. Safety and hygiene begin from home. Recommendation: IGL Coatings Ecoclean Pure

Sanitize your surfaces.

5.Breathe fresh air!

Apart from surfaces, it is crucial that the air around us is free from odour and germs. It is a frequent incident to have insects and pests in houses; inevitably, those insects may die off and leave a foul smell. Foul odours are an indication of a high bacterial count which increases the chance of getting respiratory infections or illness i.e. cold, influenza, cough & tuberculosis. Get a deodorizer to eliminate those pesky germs and breathe in the fresh scented air. Healthy lungs equal a healthy life! Recommendation: IGL Coatings Ecoclean Air

6 Quick Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know
Deodorize the air around you.

6.Sweep away your problems!

Of course, the essential: sweeping! Sweep away unnecessary dust and dirt followed by mopping – which can be done alternate days; get that squeaky clean surface! Ensure you purchase an antibacterial surface cleaner for better protection!

6 Quick Cleaning Tips That Everyone Should Know
Of course, sweep and mop!

So locals, get your cleaning buds on our local e-commerce platform, Shopee on our official store – IGL Coatings Official Store and make your lockdown as safe and clean as possible!





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