Ceramic coatings have become a popular option for protecting vinyl wraps, ppf, car graphics and decals. Especially for vehicles and cars!

Vinyl Wraps or PPF come in all hues, tones and textures that add to the character and personality of the owners. More owners are exploring how to preserve and protect their vinyl wraps, keeping it vibrant and longer lasting. Preserving their investment and art.

Ceramic Coatings add:

  • Durability;
  • UV Protection;
  • Ease of Cleaning;
  • Increased Water Repellency;
  • Increased gloss;
  • Deeper Colour and better aesthetics!

And this is why more and more vehicle owners choose ceramic coating protection on their wraps.


Getting the Right Ceramic Coating for your Vinyl Wrap


Not all ceramic coatings are suitable for vinyls.

Each ceramic coating has different functions (Learn more about ceramic coatings here). For example, Ecocoat Wheel from IGL has a higher temperature resistance for better performance on calipers. Ecocoat Window however has no hardness rating and has great slickness and hydrophobicity for water to bead off.

Here’s what you should be considering when choosing the right ceramic coating for your vinyl wrap:

  1. UV Protection
  2. Reduce Fading
  3. Reduces Color Loss
  4. Colorless / Transparent
  5. Safe on Plastics / PVC/ PU
  6. Suitable for Matte / Gloss Wraps
  7. Prevents Premature Peeling / Cracking


So which ceramic coating should you pick?


Ecocoat Shield, formulated with graphene technology, was created specifically for wraps and vinyl and plastics! With inbuilt UV protection, it reduces fading, cracking and peeling over time, making the vinyl stronger and more durable.

Like most ceramic coatings, Ecocoat Shield is colorless, making it the perfect protection for even the glitteriest, chameleon or chrome wraps. It creates a deep colour when applied, improving the satin finish off Matte Wraps, and enhancing Gloss Wraps!


Find out more about IGL Coatings Ecocoat Shield Here:



If you’re looking for how to apply a ceramic coating on a vinyl wrap, Head on over to this link to our blog on applying Ceramic Coatings on Wraps!

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