How can we help during EMCO & FMCO and play our part from home? Times are unpredictable and tough right now with more and more people losing their sources of income. It’s been tough but what can some of us do to help? We’ve compiled 7 great ways we can contribute safely to our community:

1. Support local businesses

You’ve probably heard this lots of times but micro and small businesses need all the help they can get! It’s not just the food & beverage industry that has taken a hit, small-time grocery stores, service industries such as salons, barbers, and even car washes are not permitted to open. They have been hit hard and have no relief in sight.

How can you help?

Reach out to your friends and family who are running micro and small businesses. Perhaps you’ve noticed some of your friends have started promoting some new products, services, or food. If you can’t purchase from them, share and spread the offers and promotions instead! Who knows, someone on your friend’s list could want or be looking for it. Also, if you’ve tried it and liked or loved it, leave a raving review to help with their sales. It’s free to like and share but, your positive reviews are priceless!

Not just food, (which we know, it’s really at the heart of all Malaysians), always be on the lookout for other ways you can buy/ support their wares and services! Maybank’s Sama Sama Lokal initiative offers to assist small businesses with zero commission to list and sell their products.  There are even bonuses for buyers! On Facebook, there are a few caring Malaysian Based Groups that focus on promoting small businesses, particularly in the food industry: Malaysian Food, Malaysian Chef Connection, Eat N Hop Sabah. Do you have any more to recommend?

Take this opportunity to have cuisines that you haven’t had in a while. Order in or head (safely) to a local food vendor to support them! This small act of kindness will lead to a large impact on the people in need.

2. Practice physical distancing

While we’re at home, our brave frontliners are experiencing exhaustion from working since the pandemic started in early 2020. They’ve been working non-stop and we should do our best to help them by being “negative“! Be Masked, Frequently Sanitize and Keep a Distance! 

Not all sanitizers are made equal. Alcohol-based sanitizers have been proven effective against the coronavirus.  Diluted sanitizers may be unable to do the same! For more details on what type of alcohols are used, and which are the safest ingredients, read here.


Keeping our hands clean is not enough. We would encourage you to make sure your surfaces are free from contaminants too! Here are our top tips on how to clean the surfaces (featuring our natural all-safe best selling sanitizer here.)


3. Donate food

Recently, Malaysians have initiated the #WhiteFlagCampaign movement to help the ones in need. As the lockdown continues, some of us face difficulty as sources of income are disappearing. We can help by sharing what we have with the less fortunate. Some amazing individuals and companies are pitching in, doing what they can. Do you see a white flag in your area? You can contact organizations such as 99-Speed Mart, Zero Hunger Labuan, Awesome Canteen, and many more! The campaign is a community initiative to help those in desperate need of food and assistance.

Are you an aspiring Chef? Or maybe you have some additional time on your hands that you can lend?

Soup Kitchens are always looking for more volunteers and supplies. The Assembly Soup Kitchen (TASK) in Glenmarie (which is really close to our place! 😄 )  is a soup kitchen that has been affected by the MCO. They support low-income earners, families in need, foreign workers, and refugees with supplies and a good hot meal every week. Unable to cook from their central kitchen, they have been inviting volunteers to cook at their own homes (ingredients provided) for their weekly meals.

Contact them here: if you would like to get in touch to donate or cook for them!

4. Donate supplies or even wifi! 

Not just food, many have difficulties with the essentials too. Medication, hygiene products (female products, masks), and stationery (for their school-going children) are some of the things overlooked in donation drives and are less crucial than food, but nonetheless still essential! Some children have difficulties connecting to their PDPR (online classes) as their parents cannot afford internet services.

Want to help? Leave some supplies at food banks or create your own food bank in your area.  Here’s the list of existing Food Banks. Share it around!

5. Call a friend for emotional & psychological support

The pandemic has taken a toll on mental health. With all the restrictions and the abrupt stop of normal lifestyles, it has been tough on people albeit understanding the dangers of the Covid-19. While lockdowns do help to curb the rising cases, there has been a significant impact on emotional and mental stability. At times like this, check in on your friends and family because they may need emotional support. Listen to each other because mental health is definitely equally important. 

For Malaysians, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has joined hands with Mercy Malaysia for psychological & social support services available from 8am to 5pm. If you or someone you know needs someone to talk to, the hotline to call is—03 2935 9935

How Can We Help Those Affected By EMCO & FMCO

6. Get vaccinated! 

Vaccines have been proven important in bringing down infected cases around the world. The increase of cases, the uncovering of new variants (not the Loki kind) can make one despair. If you’re already vaccinated and have some time on your hands, why not volunteer at vaccination centers too? They are looking for caring individuals to assist with the elderly and fragile. Also, talented linguists with a way with words to calm nervous patients.

7. Keep Productive! 

Whether it’s learning a new skill or picking up on a new hobby! How about a 14-day challenge that you’ve been putting off? Keeping fit, clean, and motivated! Waiting for your favourite detailer to open? Or are you a detailer yourself? Why not take the time to research which products work best for you! With the monthly sales (6.6, 7.7, 8.8 anyone?) on Shopee or Lazada, you’re bound to find something that fits you and your vehicle. 

That’s it!

Here’s all of us wishing you the best in this time of crisis. We’re always motivated to see the community helping each other out. If you know of more initiatives that we can add on, reach out to us at!

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