IGL Coatings announced the appointment of its new distributor Bright One Company, for Hong Kong, SAR (“IGL Hong Kong”).  Through the appointment, IGL Hong Kong will be the authorized distributor for Hong Kong, distributing, promoting, and building innovative and award-winning green products by IGL Coatings.

The IGL Hong Kong team comprises experienced veterans in the automotive detailing industry, distribution, and wholesale industry. Morris Kwok, CEO of IGL Hong Kong, grew the company quickly, increasing its revenue and sales sharply since incorporation. Since then, they were quick to expand their business to distribute automotive-related products including ceramic coatings, PPF, and tint.


Kwok heard about IGL Coatings and was amazed at their high-performing green coatings. As one of the only coatings brands and companies with its graphene technology verified by an independent third party, IGL HongKong was eager to come on board!

IGL Coatings is the obvious choice for us. Hongkongers are extremely proud of their vehicles. They love quality and want only the best for their vehicles, and we’re sure that IGL will be the product that they are looking for.”  said Kwok enthusiastically.

“We tested the coatings ourselves and we were simply blown away by the results. We are definitely proud to join the Family and bear the IGL flag,” Kwok continued. 

IGL Coatings is one of the leading manufacturers of its innovative low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. Recently awarded for its efforts in sustainable technology, IGL Coatings continues to prioritize the use of sustainable materials in its products.

“We are excited to have Hong Kong join our IGL Family. Hong Kong joins South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore and completes our “Four Asian Tiger” card, ” jokes Keong Chun Chieh, Founder and CEO of IGL Coatings.

Hong Kong is ranked 4th on the UN Human Development Index and on the Global Financial Centers Index. It has registered an astounding growth of 7.9% for the first 6 months of 2021, double the worldwide average. According to a report by researchandmarkets.com, the automotive industry is witnessing a steady increase in demand, particularly in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. As such, the government continues to encourage the flow of FDIs in the automotive industry.

“Hong Kong looks to be one of the most promising and fastest-growing automotive markets in the region,” mentioned Keong.  He continued, “It’s very positive that the automotive industry is receiving great support from its government. Even with the pandemic, the forecast predicts a strong surge in sales until 2026 for the automotive aftercare market. We welcome and look forward to the growth of the region!” 


IGL Coatings is a market leader in green nanotechnology coatings and cleaning & maintenance solutions for various industries. A multi-award winner for its low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. Since 2015, IGL continues to provide innovative, effective eco-friendly products. IGL Coatings is one of the leading brands in North America and is available in over 50 countries worldwide.

For further details and availability of our products, please speak with your country distributor or representative. Find them here. For further information, visit www.iglcoatings.com. Check us out on Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and Youtube, or email us at marketing@iglcoatings.com.

IGL Coatings宣布委任皓一零售批发公司成为香港特别行政区的新、新晋经销商(“IGL 香港”)。通过这次的委任,IGL香港将成为香港的授权经销商,负责经销,推广和运营IGL Coatings创新和屡获殊荣的环保产品。


郭先生曾听说过IGL Coatings,并对他们的高性能环保镀膜科技感到惊讶。IGL Coatings作做唯一拥有通过第三方独立验证的石墨烯技术的镀膜品牌和公司,IGL香港非常期望能够加入团队当中!

郭先生热情洋溢地说“IGL Coatings明显是我们的首选。香港人对他们的拥车感到非常自豪。他们热爱高品质,并且只会选择最好的产品用于爱车上,所以我们绝对相信IGL就是他们梦寐以求的产品。


IGL Coatings的创新低VOC和零VOC陶瓷镀膜使其成为领先的制造商之一。他们最近也因在可持续技术性领域中所贡献的努力而荣获奖项,并一直以在产品中使用可持续性材料为优先考量。

我们很高兴能够把香港加入我们的IGL家庭里。随着香港的加入,此前已加入的韩国,台湾和新加坡,让我们集齐了亚洲四小龙于一家。”IGL Coatings 创始人兼首席执行官龚峻湝先生开玩笑地说。

香港在联合国人类发展指数和全球金融中心指数中名列第四。香港在 2021年的前6个月实现了7.9%增长的优异成绩,是全球平均增长水平的两倍。根据researchandmarkets.com 的报告指出,市场对于汽车行业的需求目前正出现着稳健的增长,尤其是客运车和轻型商用车。此外,政府也在不断地鼓励外商直接投资进入汽车行业当中。


对于环保纳米技术镀膜以及为各行各业所提供的清洁和维护解决方案,IGL Coatings绝对是市场中的领航者。他们所提供的低VOC和零VOC陶瓷镀膜屡获殊荣。自2015年以来,IGL就不断在创造革新以及环保概念的产品。IGL Coatings更是北美的主流品牌之一,其业务遍布全球50多个国家。

有关我们产品的更多详细信息和可用性,请与您所在的国家/地区的经销商或代表联系。您可以在这里寻找他们。如需要更多资讯,请浏览网站www.iglcoatings.com。 您也可以通过Facebook、Instagram、Twitter 和 Youtube查询详情,或发送电子邮件至 marketing@iglcoatings.com。




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