Danny’s back with more tips! This time we’ll be talking about car windshield and how best to protect it from the daily wear & tear. While the windshield protects you on the road, don’t forget to also protect your windshield as it goes through dirt, rain & sun. Read more on why you’ll want to protect your windshield in this article.

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Danny Deets For You

Welcome back to Danny Deets where Danny himself delivers some of the best tips in detailing. Years worth of detailing knowledge by Danny has been compacted into tiny nuggets so you too can benefit from his experience. Share them as a fun trivia for your customers if you’d like. And if you’re looking to become a detailer, this article is the perfect gateway for you to dive deep into the detailing world.

Let’s dig a little bit into Danny’s background. He’s the owner of several detailing workshops in Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia including Autoboutiq Thailand, POSH EXOTICS and 9Eleven, .

He was also one of the first to hop in the IGL Coatings train! Thanks to his experience, he quickly became an IGL Master and Mentor, traveling around the world to train detailers on IGL Coatings products. Wondering about our detailer training course and what it entails? Click here to see what we do!

Importance of Windshield

Windshields are usually made of glass and laminated with pieces of plastic that prevents shatter when they break. Did you know that windshields are an important part of a car’s structure? More than just shielding the wind and road debris off your face, they strengthen the structure of your car to prevent total crush in an accident. And they also act as a buffer that prevents you from being ejected onto the road. How’s that for a fun fact?

But most importantly, windshields provide a clear view of the road in front of you while driving. However, due to daily use, windshields are known to face a major problem with water spots or streaks that compromise visibility. This defeats the purpose of being able to see the road clearly from the windshield. So how can we combat the issue? Let’s get Danny to fill us in with his experience on windshields!

Working with Windshield

Windshields are highly susceptible to water spots. “You have no idea, I’ve worked with windshields that look like the moon surface,” Danny described his experience. And while it’s unavoidable after years of usage, there are easy ways to remove water spots, especially for daily drivers that get dirty as soon as it hits the road. A quick Google search can give you multiple solutions to getting rid of water spot.

Danny recommends his secret weapon in dealing with the pesky marks head on, “IGL Coatings ecoclean glass+ is undisputedly the best windscreen water spots remover on the market.” “It instantly removes water marks with its micro abrasive minerals formula,” the IGL Master Detailer adds. Accredited detailers agree that removing water spots from windshield is easy and safe with ecoclean glass+.

Scott Hibbeler of Perfection Correction, LLC
50/50 view of after & before using ecoclean glass+

Though it may take a while for water spots to form on your windshield, your daily drivers will get caked up with dirt & rain water in no time. So you’ll want to have a layer of protection on top of your windshield that prolongs cleanliness. As Danny puts it, “Prevention is always better.” So he suggests using IGL Coatings ecocoat window to coat and prevent water marks from forming.


We asked Danny if he has a detailer hack for applying the windshield coating and the IGL Master Detailer said, “There really is no science in it, applying ecocoat window is a piece of cake.” Danny encourages detailers & car owners alike to try it out for themselves, adding that, “You just have to make sure the glass surface is clean by cleaning it with ecoclean glass+ and coat on!” To show that it really is that simple to apply, we’ve prepared a how to video for you.

Combining the power of ecocoat window & ecoclean glass+

The two IGL Coatings products are the perfect duo when working on windshields. ecoclean glass+ is an easy solution to removing water spots and can even be used on other glass surfaces that require thorough cleaning.

When used with ecocoat window, it creates a glossy hydrophobic surface that repels rain water easily.

To know more about ecocoat window, reach out to our country distributors or representatives available in more than 50 countries around the world. Inquiries about the product catalogue can also be directed to IGL Coatings Facebook & Instagram pages as well as marketing@iglcoatings.com.




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