The pandemic has been around long enough for us to adapt to the new norms and take extra measures to stay safe. 

As vaccination rates continue to rise, we’re slowly reclaiming our old routines. 

Whether it’s visiting our favorite cafes, shopping, or simply going about our daily lives- are we really taking precautions? 

Our stepping-out commodities have definitely evolved from just about a cellphone and wallet to a whole heap of protective essentials- against Covid-19- in our bag. 

There’s so much to do during this challenging period, and so one way or another, we still have to be precautious outdoor with the right essentials. 

We’ve compiled a list of necessities you need to stay safe in public. Let’s get into it!

1. Face mask

outdoor essentials

This is a no-brainer. At this point, a face mask should be a part of our OOTD (kidding!). 

Even though wearing a face mask is only mandatory in crowded spaces, you should still wear one even in an uncongested place. 

Better safe than sorry, right?

2. Hand sanitizer 

outdoor essentials

Washing our hands frequently and thoroughly is the most effective way of getting germs off our hands.

But finding a sink when you’re out and about isn’t always convenient, or is it?

Keeping your hands clean on the go isn’t all that easy. 

No sink, no problem. We sanitize the germs away! This pandemic has definitely made us very well acquainted with the omnipresence of hand sanitizers to be free from germs! Here’s why it’s important to sanitize

But remember to use one with at least 60% alcohol to kill germs like covid-19.  

3. Surface sanitizer

outdoor essentials

We’re all skeptical about the cleanliness of surfaces, making surface sanitizer one of the ultimate Covid-19 essentials.

Hence the reason we have to disinfect heavy traffic surfaces like doorknobs, countertops, handrails, and car handles to reduce the risk of virus transmission. 

With surface sanitizers, you’re not only protecting yourself from potential virus contamination but also other people who come in contact with the surfaces.

Psst, there’s a hero element to that

Keep every surface you touch clean and sanitized with Ecoclean Pure. It’s one of the best surface sanitizers in the market *winks*. 

4. Sanitizing wipes

You’ll never know how clean surfaces are when traveling in public spaces. 

Anytime you need to wipe down a shopping cart or toilet seat before using it, a travel-sized pack of sanitizing can come in handy. 

Wet wipes are a super simple solution for heavily touched areas of dubious cleanliness. 

5. Tissues

outdoor essentials

Pandemic or no pandemic, tissues are something that has always been essential that we all need.

They’re like a protective base sheet in the pandemic. 

They may be used to: 

  • cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing
  • wipe your face
  • function as a one-time barrier when touching door handles or elevator buttons 

Let’s make the most out of what we can do to stay safe with these outdoor essentials for the time being! Also, subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t already!




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