ecocoat premier, or commonly known as the gloss sauce, was first produced and manufactured by IGL Coatings in 2014 to accompany the ecocoat ceramic coatings series kits.

A brief history of ecocoat premier

ecocoat premier, the water based, hydro-phobic (water repellent) and oleo-phobic (oil repellent) spray on coating was first developed to assist installers in maintaining ecocoat ceramic coatings, such as ecocoat poly, quartz, quartz+ and KENZO.

As more and more users experience the impressive hydrophobic effects and extraordinary gloss of ecocoat premier, ecocoat premierr gained a following on its own, earning it the title of gloss sauce of IGL Coatings. Simply put, it’s an eco-friendly, water based, easy to clean agent surface modifier with added gloss enhancer.

Why you should choose ecocoat premier

ecocoat premier is a REACH compliant, zero VOC, hydrophobic coating which is water-based and can be applied on all non-absorbent surfaces of the vehicle. It is highly efficient and produces immediate and impactful result on the coated surface. The result is a coated surface that is non-smearing, non-yellowing, high gloss, high slick and dirt repelling that will last for up to 6 months.

6 benefits of ecocoat premier

  • Is compatible with all IGL Coatings ecocoat ceramic coatings
  • Has superb hydrophobic qualities – water contact angle that surpasses 105° angle
  • Is easier to clean and the surface stays clean for a longer period
  • Creates a smooth coated surface to reduce micro marring (micro scratches)
  • Has an improved formulation which increases the resistance of water spotting
  • Water based technology







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