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Introducing IGL Coating’s EcoShine Compound F1, EcoShine Polish F2 & EcoShine Finish F3.

Ecoshine Compound F1

EcoShine Compound F1 is a high abrasive polishing compound which is formulated with innovative abrasion technology creating an extremely deep gloss, with virtually no halos or holograms. This makes the EcoShine Compound F1 the best ONE-STEP product available. It is highly efficient at correcting failing paint, dull and marred paint works and P1500-P3000 sand scratches*. IGL Coating’s EcoShine Compound F1 may be used on both on oxidised surfaces and new fully dried paint surfaces.


Ecoshine Polish F2

EcoShine Polish F2 is an efficient cutting-polishing-diminishing polish. This unique feature is attributed to the diminishing abrasive which breaks down when exposed to friction. This allows the removal of scratches, dullness and medium to coarse sanding marks such as P1500-P2000*. IGL Coatings’ EcoShine Compound Polish F2 may be used on both oxidised and new fully dried paint surfaces.

Ecoshine Finish F3

EcoShine Finish F3 is a nano-abrasive based finishing formula with high performance polishing agents. The EcoShine Finish F3 easily removes light dullness, swirls, polishing marks, holograms and fine sanding marks such as P4000-P5000*. IGL Coating’s EcoShine Finish F3 creates an amazing deep gloss finish whilst restoring original paint brightness.


It took us over 2 years to develop this system, which is born from our other excellent product, ecoclean Glass+. So it is superbly motivating for us to receive reviews such as below!


And one more thing, to complement our fantastic trio, we have painstakingly researched and created the best pads for the EcoShine Abrasive line.

The IGL Coating’s pads include various microfiber cutting and finishing pads as well as heavy and medium finishing and polishing pads.

The sizes of the IGL Coating’s pads are designed to be fit and is suitable for most polishers in the market. The IGL Coating’s pad ranges from 80mm/3” , 134mm/5” and 160mm/6” (diameters).


The EcoShine Compound F1, EcoShine Polish F2 & EcoShine Finish F3 and pads are now available at with your local distributors. Please contact your local distributor for more info on pricing, options and for any further information.


*dependent on the hardness of the treated paints




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