In the course of detailing, we’re all guilty of wastage. Throwing away countless microfibers, application suedes, blocks, and more. In the name of perfection and professionalism, we know that there will be some sacrifices for the greater good. But we got you fam, here is how you can have up to 4x less wastage with every ceramic coating application!

It’s time to stop throwing money away!

It’s always greener at IGL. And we’re constantly thinking of ways we can change tomorrow for the better.

That’s why we introduced the IGL Microfiber Application Sock.

What’s That?

The newly introduced IGL Microfiber Application Sock (we’ll call it Application Sock for short)-is bound to impress. Or at least be a topic for discussion. Either way, BIG WIN!

The Application Sock Slips onto the application block tighter than…well…that…But we’d encourage you not to try on the Application Socks onto anything ELSE than our application blocks.

While it is a little bit stretchy, some things could be too large to fit comfortably….

The Application Sock works great using all its 4+1 surfaces for greater coverage, minus the excess wastage. As it is made with our ultra-plush microfiber towels (300gsm) it goes longer on more surfaces than the regular application cloth!

However, do replace the sock when you need to. Just slip it off and reuse the application block!

Can You Reuse the Application Socks?

The quick answer is no. Well not for another ceramic application, at least. However, if it is washed and not hardened to a crisp, you can use it to apply on tire dressings in the future!

Why is the Application Sock Lit🔥 Compared With The Other Application Cloths or Suedes in the Market?

Its simple yet well-thought-out design is gonna make it the GOAT. 

Not only can it be applied on almost all sides, its core aka application block can be reused for future applications. Because of its condom-like wrap, it prevents any slips or cutting into the block to hold the cloths. Its sleek shape is also suitable for tight spots and curvy areas of the new-fangled designs top vehicle manufacturers throw at detailers.

You’re probably thinking, what am I gonna do with all that extra blocks?

Heck Naw!

Did you know it’s one of the best building materials for building a mini fort to defend your ceramic coatings?


We Kid. Or Are We?

The IGL Microfiber Application Socks starts its worldwide tour ~ April 2022. To find out when the Application Socks will make their way to your country – reach out to your local distributor for more information. If you would like to know more about it, reach out to us at

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