On the 1968 Pontiac GTO, General Motors incorporated an “Endura” body-colored plastic front bumper designed to absorb low-speed impact without permanent deformation. It was featured in a TV advertisement with John DeLorean hitting the bumper with a sledgehammer and no damage resulted. Similar elastomeric bumpers were available on the front and rear of the 1970-71 Plymouth Barracuda. In 1971, Renault introduced a plastic bumper (sheet moulding compound) on the Renault 5.

Due to its lightweight and cheaper production cost, car manufacturers were quick to substitute car plastic trims instead of metals in their manufacturing process.

Why is Preserving My Car’s Plastic Trim Important?


Fast forward to 2022, most cars today have some degree of plastic on their bumpers, car fenders, license plate holders, door handles, car trunks, engine covers, and the interiors.

When most of your car aesthetics are plastics, it makes sense to preserve how it looks! Just like your car’s paint job, don’t ignore that plastic trim too!

Auto manufacturers these days have developed various kinds of car plastic not only to cut costs on production but also to save weight!

Some car plastics are used for their heat-resistant features, some are easy to mould and some are used for their sleek finish.

You get the gist of why auto manufacturers are shifting towards adding more plastic trim to cars.

Like this upcoming 2022 Subaru WRX for example.

Why Does It Need Protection?


It is no secret that plastics are made of petroleum and crude oil. Maybe plastic dinosaurs are a form of reincarnation…

Anyways, plastics in nature contain a lot of oils. And over time, you’ll see a white discoloration on the plastic as the oils on the surface have degraded and dried out.

Our painted parts of the car usually have a layer of protective clear coat on them. The plastic trims, however, are exposed to the bare elements.

Therefore, the plastic trims tend to fade color and get damaged first compared to any part of the car.


What Are the Main Culprits That Destroys My Plastic Trim?


Your main culprit would be sunlight! The UV rays inside the sunlight often dehydrate the plastic and degrade it over time to a molecular level.

In fact, this damage can be accelerated further if you’re living in a tropical climate country as it’s always sunny 24/7!

In addition, sometimes scratches may happen to your car. Be it from a careless driver or from yourself.

Furthermore, if your car has a sunroof made of plastic trim, it is also vulnerable to tree sap and sometimes bird poop!


Lastly, in modern cars these days, its common to see the engine block topped with car plastic. Be wary of engine oils staining them!

Oh, by the way, if you have trouble getting oil stains off your engine’s plastic trim, can we suggest Ecoclean Multi for the job? Ecoclean Multi is a multi-purpose must-have that works to degrease even the toughest stains and oils.


What Should I Do to Protect My Car Plastic Trim?


With all these factors in mind, your car’s plastic trim is more vulnerable than you think!

To prevent your plastic’s color from fading and discoloration, Ecocoat Trim is here for the rescue!

Ecocoat Trim is a ceramic coating for plastic trims made proudly by us at IGL Coatings!

It is a highly reactive coating that quickly impregnates your car’s plastic trims to form a strong chemical bond that protects and rejuvenates the color of the plastic trims on your car!

The result is a protected and fresh look on your car’s plastic trim that can resist the elements of UV rays for 2 years!

And best of all, since Ecocoat Trim is colorless, it can work on All Plastics and any color!

Make your car look like it came fresh out of the assembly plant with Ecocoat Trim!

See how Ecocoat Trim Works in Action Here!


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