You just had your car ceramic coated before winter and you’re searching for the best way to get that showroom shine, ready for spring!

Alright! It’s time to get clean and sparkly! And you’re already thinking of that automated wash down by the corner should do fine.

But how will your ceramic coating hold up?  How does automated car wash damage ceramic coatings?


You’ve heard it all before. Meme after meme of the horrors of an automated car wash. But is it all that bad?

Now before we get John Connor to help fight against Skynet’s Car Wash Division, here’s why you should avoid automatic car washes.

So, how does an automated car wash damage ceramic coatings?


Here’s the dirty truth.

Dirt and other contaminants can be highly abrasive, especially when it’s swirling at high speeds.

Add in never cleaned, ever, twirl-nados, automatic car washes to give your car that nice swirl to the finish you’ve always wanted.

Wait, What?


Avatar, the Last Water Recycler


You’d never guess it but most automated car washes recycle the water they use!

According to, “a lot of car washes recycle water. The recycled water is normally used in the early rinses and to mix with the detergents. It may also be used in the high-pressure washer.” 

Great for the environment, if the water is treated properly!

We’re not sure what to do if it was the otherwise…

Swirl City, here we come!


Ever noticed how dark those cleaning brushes are?

What comes off the car and doesn’t get removed, stays on those big brushes. At least, that’s what the car fairy told us!  Sand, dirt, tar, poop, and more are waiting for you!

Generally, those brushes are abrading your paintwork and ceramic coating because the brushes weren’t maintained, ever. 

Imagine slapping your car with a dirty mop, repeatedly, over and over again, at a high speed, no less. This causes hundreds of deep micro-scratches called swirl marks. Over time, this damage builds and eventually results in your ceramic coating becoming dull and the scratches become easily noticeable.


That’s why these automatic car washes will rip and tear all layers of coating. Say sayonara to that expensive clear coat you just got during the last days of Autumn!

That are 2 great enough reasons for how and why automated car wash damage ceramic coatings. We know it’s terrifying but what can you do? Especially after spending time, effort, and money on getting it perfect?


What is the best method to wash my car and protect my ceramic coating?


The good ol’ handwash will still be your go-to in the long run, no matter how tedious it is. If you’re looking where to start your maintenance wash, there’s a two-bucket wash system we implore you to use.



In fact, if you’re looking for a kung-fu technique on the best way to wash your car, we got just the thing for you!

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