Have you ever thought of starting your own business? Like How to start up a car detailing business? If you’re a fellow car enthusiast, that thought may have lingered in your mind. It’s tempting and that’s why you’re here!
Now, prepping how to start up your detailing business is no small task. So, here are some fundamentals for you to focus on how to start your car detailing business. In this article, we will be splitting into multiple segments.

Step 01: How much money do I need to start a detailing business? 

If you have heard of the song “Money Makes the World go Round”, they’re exactly correct.


Businesses need capital to get it started. Whether it’s for some products, a shop, a towel or even a t-shirt, it all costs money.

Firstly, check your finances.

Do some number crunching and get an estimate of how much you will need to spend to start up your car detailing business.

But What if you don’t have much to spend on? 

Don’t be discouraged. A Small Capital is still some capital! We all start somewhere. What matters is, we start!

It also just means that instead of a fancy garage decked out in decals and a full line of products, you’re gonna make each purchase count and you’ll need to put in 110% to succeed.

Many successful detailers today started out simple.

Add that with enormous passion and determination, and have grown to be leading mentors in the industry today.  Here’s a throwback to some of their stories:


Secondly, decide on where to start out, and your goals. 

A starting point is exactly what it is. Where you get started but it’s not where you end up at.

If finances are tight, forgo that fancy location at the get-go. Instead,  maybe consider going mobile! A car, small truck or van should be good enough to haul supplies and get you to your customer’s homes for a detailing job.

But don’t forget about your goals and how to get there.

Does a 50 employee, 6-location detailing stores excite you? Or how about a sprawling all-in-one automotive center? Or are you looking for a fulfiling generational business for your family?

How do you get from startup to scaleup?  

Here’s some of top tips on how to get more customers and build that amazing conglomorate! 


Step 02: Skills and Elbow Grease

Skills and experience will surely come over time with enough practice.

It’s definitely going to be tough starting up as there will be no one to teach you what’s right or wrong. Unless you have the right group people who provides you with the training you need. *hint* IGL Fam.. 😀 

However, we’re living in the internet age! There are tons of free resources out there that explain how to use and detail. Perfect information that is available at your disposal!

Self-learning may be a bit slower and maybe an expensive route in the long run. The chances of costly mistakes can occur without the proper guidance and experience.

That’s why we recommend Mentors! Mentors are an excellent way to get yourself some hands-on experience because the tutelage of experienced mentors can provide you with the information and skills to prevent costly mistakes. It also just happens that IGL has some of the best Mandalorians this side of Mandalore! We mean Mentors..


Step 03: Understanding Yourself and Your Competition

Sun Tzu said in the Art of War, “If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”


Understand your surroundings. You will also need to understand where you are in the market. Will you be the sole detailer in your area? Are your competitors doing well? Bonus, is there an IGL Mentor near you?

What’s an IGL Mentor? Here’s more about how IGL Mentors build the detailing community.



IGL Mentors and the IGL Family build an exceptionally strong network of detailers that provides top-tier service to their communities.

Eager to know more? Why not drop us an email at marketing@iglcoatings.com for more details about the Mentors in your area.


Step 04: Does Price Matter?

How do you price your services? Do you price your skills higher or lower than the market rate?


Your car detailing business depends on this. You may have heard all about the price wars and business owners suffering from the brunt of it.

Depending on your business location, tools and experience, price yourself within a reasonable range to ensure that your overhead costs are covered and with sufficient profit (for your goals!) 

This varies from state and country, so you would need to adjust your pricing and costs from time to time.

Step 05: Products 

Lastly, are you equipped with the right products for the job?



Should you go for cheaper generic products or specialized detailing products? While some products may be priced lower, it might cost you more in the long term.

How so? Home made hacks may not have the efficiency in cleaning compared to specialty products. Because you’re testing it on other surfaces that it was intended for, it may cause some irreparable damage! We tested and busted some myths on waterspot removing here.

In the ends, specialized items may be a bit pricey, but the quality and time saved may make it worth your while.

Plus! Proper product training will also help you utilize its full potential.


A GOOD sales representative sells you products.

A GREAT rep teaches you how to use the product.

While an OUTSTANDING rep Shows You How To Build Your Business.

Don’t settle. You DESERVE THE BEST. 


Get started now and find out how the IGL Representatives around the world are able to take you and your business to the next level. 

For more inquiries and details about our IGL Mentors and products, drop us an email at marketing@iglcoatings.com or visit www.iglcoatings.com today!  Don’t forget to check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube!

We can’t wait for you to share your journey with us!






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