Ecocoat Armor is the new generation of surface protection coatings. Just like Ecoclear Aegis, Ecocoat Armor is Reinforced with Graphene Nanotubes, make it stronger, more flexible and tougher against chemicals and corrosion, performing well under harsh environments.

But what is Graphene Nanotubes and how is it different to ordinary Graphene? 

As shared earlier by Keong during the Aegis Launch, “The graphene used in Aegis is very different from the Nanoplatelet system used in our automotive coatings. Aegis’s Graphene are rolled into tube forming Graphene Nanotubes.” Graphene Nanotubes are  lighter, stronger and more resistant to corrosion. Acting as an excellent barrier against both oxidation and chemical attacks from immersion in salty, acidic water.

How is Armor Different to other Surface Protection Coatings? 

Armor is a stronger, more flexible coating with a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. To test how far Armor could go, we put Armor through a series of tests that replicates everyday wear and tear. The tests include an Impact Test, Adhesion Test, Chemical Resistance and Flexibility. Stronger than ordinary bedliners, Armor has what it takes to go the distance as one of the strongest and safest surface protectant.

Impact Resistance Test

Impact Test is to test paint and coating adhesion. And a drop test on a universal impact tester is used.

To test a coating for impact resistance, a standard weight is dropped a distance to strike an indenter that deforms the coating and substrate. The distance of the weight is gradually increased until the point of failure can be determined.

Point of failure is determined by the cracking of the film, seen through a microscope.  Impact is measured in joules and the higher joules scored, means the better impact resistance the coating has.

In this test, Ecocoat Armor had a 34% higher impact resistance compared with a similar competitor coating. Click Here For Full Test Video.

Adhesion Test

Cross Cut and Pull Off tests are a method to determine the resistance of paints and coatings from separation  from its substrate. The coating is cut, penetrating all the way to the substrate, and pulled off with a standard adhesive tape.

Depending on the condition of the coating left on the surface, the cross-cut values from 0B-5B are identified. 0B represents flaking of more than 65% of the cross cut area. Whereas 5B resistance are where the edges of the cuts are completely smooth without detaching from the surface.

Armor was designed to adhere excellently to surfaces and rated 5B with minimal peeling and flaking detected. Armor adheres to wood, metals, paint concrete and more. Click Here For Full Test Video.

Chemical Resistance Test 

The chemical resistance test is a fairly simple test. Common chemicals are applied onto the surface for a period of time to see the resistance and level of failure of the coating. Common chemicals include Butyl Acetate, Acetone cleaners, Acids, Alkalis, Motor Oil & Diesel.

With our inhouse R&D Team, we test our products to ensure compatibility with our existing range of products. For this test we also included Ecoclean Multi pH 13) and Ecoclean Delete (pH 1) to see how it would react towards cleaning, maintenance and more. There was no visible damage after being left on for 24 hours. This is similar for motor oil, diesel and ipa. Chemical resistance is important as prolonged exposure affects the strength, flexibility, impact resistance and appearance of the coating. Causing bubbling and peeling.

In the MEK Tests, Armor showed exceptional resistance as well as up to 6x more resistance to Butyl Acetate and 3x more resistance to acetone. Click Here For Full Test Video.


Flexibility T-Bend Test

Flexibility is measures and determines a coating’s elongation and resistance to cracking. Bend and impact tests evaluate the flexibility of coatings, measuring deformation due to bending and impact.

The T-Bend Tests are are an industry standard used to evaluate the flexibility of coated strip metal that is formed usually during the fabrication process.

Coatings provide protection and aesthetics and must withstand cracking or de-lamination during forming. This test allows coating developers to understand performance requirements, reduce waste and develop better coatings.

Ecocoat Armor shows excellent coating flexibility as no paint fracture or pickoff was observed in the T-Bend at all stages. As a comparison, the closet competitor coating showed cracks at every stage bend. Click Here For Full Test Video.


Summary of tests 

Ecocoat Armor performed exceptionally well, especially in comparison against competitor coatings in all 4 tests. Click Here For Full Test Video.

Why did IGL Coatings create Ecocoat Armor? 

IGL Coatings values sustainability and the ability to improve today for tomorrow. Armor offers unmatched surface protection.

Increase the Lifespan of Surfaces

Firstly, Armor addresses a need in the market to add value and increases the lifespan and lifecycle of equipments, surfaces, valuables, assets, goods machineries and more. Great surface protection lets things last longer, increasing their output, life and appearance.

Instead of expecting the usual wear and tear of daily life, Armor would make them last longer, increasing the use of easily damaged equipment and assets. It’s Anti-Slip, Extra Tough, Waterproof formula makes it a great choice for storage racking, workshops, automotive finishes, furniture, industrial applications and more.

Explore New Possibilities 

Secondly, Armor unlocks the possibilities for our installers to offer so much more. Armor expands the reach of installers into a whole new world requiring extra strong protection. Want to watch more? Click Here For Full Test Video.

About IGL Coatings

A market leader in green nanotechnology coatings and cleaning & maintenance solutions for various industries. IGL Coatings is the pioneer in low and zero VOC ceramic coatings. Their nanotechnology graphene technology has been recognised as the pioneer in the industry. Since 2015, IGL Coatings continues to provide effective, cutting edge, eco-friendly products. A Multi Award winner, IGL Coatings is one of the leading brands in North America and is currently available in over 50 countries worldwide.





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