Looking for a Step-By-Step Guide on how to care for your vehicle?

Confused about what are iron removers? What are they for and how do you use it? Here’s Your Step-By-Step Guide on how it works!

Hint! Iron Removers, like Ecoclean Iron are great in removing rust deposits, especially from brake dust. Iron particles are particularly “spiky” as we explain here and you don’t want them on your paint. Most Iron removers remove the “spikes” making it easier to dislodge from the surface without any micro marring! Over time, if you don’t remove it, it can accumulate and rust the surface.

Or what are waterspot removers? Can they be used anywhere?

Water Spot Removers, like Ecoclean Delete are generally acid based. However, Ecoclean Delete works 10x better than other waterspot removers. But! What if you wanted to use Wheel Acid instead? Remember that Acids are caustic and can cause damage to laminated films, especially on windscreens. If Acids get into the laminate film, it gets cloudy and wavy, something you want to avoid!

Whats the deal with Snow Foam Washes?

When should you use a Snow Foam and when don’t you need it?

Snow Foams, like Ecoclean Blizzard are great as a Pre-Wash to moisten and lubricate the surface from its contaminants. It can be used on its own as well but works better for super dirty cars.

We’ve got it all in this handy guide!

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