It’s not you. Its the ceramic coatings! Most ceramic coatings in the market are low solids and high solvents. These coatings are causing you to be dizzy, suffer headaches, migraines and even rashes!

In fact, IGL Coatings is probably the one of the only ceramic coating manufacturer that has high solids ceramic coatings.

What is high solids and why is it important?

Since we started, our vision was to create a better formulation not only for the environment, but for the installers as well.

Many installers frequently complain of severe headaches, migraines and rashes after a ceramic coating application. These symptoms are mostly caused by exposure to hazardous Solvents, aka VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

And you know what has a high content of Solvents & VOCs?

Low Solid Ceramic Coating Formulas. AND! Almost all the coatings in the market are low solids. 

High VOCs cause more damage than just short term dizzy spells. Find out more below!

The Basic Formulation of High Solids & Low Solids Ceramic Coatings  

In our previous feature on The Science of Ceramic Coatings, we shared more about the basic formulation of a ceramic coating, which is mainly made of – resin, solvent and additives.


So what does High Solid Ceramic Coating mean?

High Solids means the higher ratio of resin compared to solvent. 65% or more to be exact.

This also means that High Solid ceramic coatings contain lower or at certain cases, ZERO solvents.

This also means that Low Solid Coatings have higher solvents, aka VOCs. Which is almost all of the other brands out there in the market. And one of the main reasons why it smells so strongly. (It’s never advisable to deliberately smell ceramic coatings. Reminder: When handling ceramic coatings one should always wear the appropriate gear to prevent inhalation intoxication).  


Why make Low Solid ceramic coatings instead of High Solid ceramic coatings?


The more solvent a coatings has, the easier it is to apply. Mainly as the solvents help to spread the solids around.

More importantly solvents more cost efficient compared to Resin. The higher solvent, the lower the cost of the formulation.

Most coating manufacturers won’t tell you that after a low solid coating cures, thinner and less than what was applied. Why?  Solvents evaporate during the curing process, leaving the resin behind. The lower solids left behind, means a thinner, less protective coating.


In short, the more solvents you have, the less solids (the stuff that protects the surface) is left behind.


Depending on the amount of solvents present, some up to 95% solvent content. Only about 5% of protective qualities are left. Not much if you’re looking for a long term protection against UV, increased hydrophobics and gloss.

High Solids Ceramic Coatings means there is more stuff .. everywhere.. More protection, More hydrophobics, More gloss. It’s a much stronger army against the elements and contaminants.

How much product is left after curing?


Each layer of ceramic coating are microns thin. You may need more layers of a low solid ceramic coating to achieve the same level of protection a high solid coating.

In the test we did, we compared the actual amount poured at 2ml to the actual amount that is cured after.

The evaporation and shrinkage is very obvious between a low solids and a high solids ceramic coating. See below!

This image and video also distinguishes between what is a true ceramic coating. There is minimal shrinkage for a High Solids Ceramic Coating where the coating is showing just how much left of product actually protects your vehicle. (Coloured Water was added to show the difference in levels)

The Low Solids Ceramic Coatings has almost 90% evaporated. This would mean almost 90% of the content of the bottle goes up in thin air!

A true coating cures to form a hardened crystal that protects your surface. Get more value from your investments. Don’t settle for less!


So, are High Solids Ceramic Coatings Better?


Here’s why Aside from giving you less of a migraine from inhaling all that VOCs. You’re paying for more solvents and less protection. High Solids Coatings like IGL Poly, Quartz, Quartz+ and Kenzo have a higher solids content and gives you added coverage, less shrinkage, better protection and value for your money.

High Solids ceramic coatings are more durable, better for the environment and your health.

IGL Coatings is the leader of High Solid Ceramic Coatings. Known internationally for its quality, performance and innovation. IGL is the number one choice for high solids ceramic coatings worldwide.

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