Ecoclean Blizzard is a hyper-lux snow foam that works with a great minty fresh scent. Blizzard is ceramic coating safe and works to stay on longer and gently removes contaminants with ease. With the snow foam attachment, just use a dilution ratio of 1:150 in the foam cannon.

Let us guide you on how to use it!

No foam cannon? No problem!

Use Blizzard as a normal bucket wash. Blizzard works best as a pre-wash, loosening grime, ash, moistening bird droppings, and bug splatter.

Not sure how to do a 2 Bucket Wash? Here’s our handy guide to help you! 

How to Apply & Use Ecoclean Blizzard

Watch this video to see the best of our snow wash:


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Other helpful Tips

Tar, Bird Poo, Bug Stains getting to you? We’ve got a great solution! Use Ecoclean Tar to get that all clean and green! Tar’s thicker formula clings onto surfaces and removes them with ease.

If you’re looking to clean up some grease and tough marks, Ecoclean Multi is here to help! Ecoclean Multi, a powerful Soy-based APC, quickly cuts tough grease and grime. Be amazed at how easy and fast Multi works!

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