In conjunction with this year’s Plant the Future Campaign 2022, we are launching our own handcrafted custom IGL Seed Pods exclusively to the Malaysian Market!

What are IGL Seed Pods & Plant the Future?

The IGL Seed Pods are part of IGL Coatings’ Plant the Future campaign. Plant the Future with IGL Coatings encourages recycling, repurposing, restoring, and planting! Previously, we led the industry in championing sustainability and using materials from renewable sources. Join us as we Change Tomorrow, Today. 

The IGL Seed Pods are some of our steps in changing tomorrow, today!

It’s also a gesture of thanks to our IGL Family, for trusting us and believing in our brand and our sustainability efforts.

Thus, we are gifting away up to 6,000 plants in Malaysia!

What to know more? Read more on our green initiative here.

How do you get one of the IGL Seed Pods?

With every purchase* of IGL Coatings Products on Major E-commerce Platforms Lazada and Shopee in  Malaysia! That’s how!

There are 4 different seeds to collect, so collect all of them today! You’ll also get extra discounts when you share with our Customer Service Team your recycling efforts!

Chat with them to find out how you can get your IGL Seed Pod today! 


How do I plant the IGL Seed Pods?

It’s simple!

PLANT : Place IGL Seed Pod into soil or medium.

WATER : Keep the soil moist for the first 10 days. Water is necessary for germination.

GROW : Once sprouts appear, continue to keep the soil moist but not overwatered.

Place them in some potting soil and keep them covered. Keep the soil moist for the first 10 days, to allow for germination of the seeds. Within 2 weeks, the seeds should be sprouting and little leaves should be peeking through.

Once sprouts appear, make sure it’s nice and moist until strong roots take place. You can move it to a different location once it more stable. Water as needed!

Why Are the IGL Seed Pods only available in Malaysia?


Due to shipping restrictions and environmental safety precautions, the IGL Seed Pods are limited to Malaysia, for now.

In the meanwhile, here’s how you can make your own Seed Pods and share them with your friends, families, and customers! Don’t forget to share your Seed Pods pictures with us!

For our international IGL Family, here’s how you make your very own IGL Seed Pods at home!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Cardboard boxes or old recyclable paper
Assorted seeds

1. First, rip or cut the boxes or paper into smaller pieces and place the pieces into a bowl.

2. Then, add water to the bowl. You will need to soak the pieces for at least 20 minutes.

3. Once materials are soaked, it’s time to add them to the blender, process them until it turns into mush.

4. After it’s finely blended, pour out the mixture and use your bare hands to roll the mush to make 2 balls. Don’t forget to squeeze out the excess water!

5. Add a seed or two into the center of the ball, and top it off with the other ball you made earlier.

6. Make sure it’s all pressed firmly to ensure all the fibers all stick together around the seed inside! Otherwise, it will fall apart.

7. Lastly, let it dry overnight.

But Wait! That’s not all!


We’re picking 3 lucky winners to win an exclusive IGL Shirt!

How can you win one? Simply follow the steps below and download the profile pictures here. Once you’ve changed it, tag us and win! You could be walking away with our exclusive IGL Merch!


Our seed pods make the perfect gift to your friends, family and customers! Show us your handiwork once your seedpods have sprouted! Don’t forget to tag us on Social Media under #IGLPlantTheFuture !

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