The best cutting compound might just be in your reach! A cutting or rubbing compound is an abrasive material in a liquid or paste that is generally used in restoring automotive paintwork. Compound polishes are needed for a perfect polished finished.

Silicones, Oils and Fillers? That’s a big no for compounds. You’ll need to be choosing one that has low-dusting and high cut if you’re looking for the best.

Compounds are able to polish out paint scratches and remove old and oxidised paint to reveal fresher paint underneath.

So, Which is the Best Cutting Compound?  And which is the best for you? 


1000, 1500, 2000 & 3000 Grits? Different abrasive powers, diminishing, non-diminishing abrasives are different and works differently too!

These are the level of “cut” of the compound and ability to polish the surface. The ability for a polish to “cut” depends on the shape of its crystals or particles.  A medium size, spiked abrasive will tumble and dig into the surface. Whereas a large round crystal won’t leave a deep scratch. A higher number means a finer cut and a smoother surface as compared to a lower number.



They are probably the most aggressive, most abrasive type of polish to remove the largest amount of clear coat in the shortest period of time. They are used on severely neglected vehicles and to clean up wet sanding marks. It will also always leave behind some marring, hazing, or holograms and should always be followed up with a finer polish or multiple polishes.

Heavy Cut Compounds like Ecoshine Compound F1 works to remove swirls, holograms from clear coats.  Most aggressive compounds are generally Non-Diminishing, meaning that the particle sizes does not reduce as your polish. More information below:

Compound F1 from IGL Coatings is the ideal selection for detailers. From its low dusting formula with no added oils or silicones, A little F1 goes a long, long way! For more information on Compound F1, click here.

Abrasive Polish

Most polishes that correct moderate paint imperfections fall into the category of an abrasive polish. This measures anywhere between 2000-3000 cut. Compared with compounds, they are less aggressive but are in between a compound and finishing polish.


Finishing Polish 

Finishing Polishes are abrasive polishers that have a finer cut. It is not what you would want as the best cutting compound as it is meant for a finer finish with a very low cut.  It removes any micro-marring, hazing or holograms as well as increase the depth and gloss. Finishing Polishes have a high cut of above 3000 grit. Generally used after a heavy or medium cut.

Most Finishing polishes, like Ecoclean Finish F3, are non-diminishing and are great for the perfect mirror finish. It pairs well with a soft black pad to bring out the high gloss reflection on the surface.


Diminishing Polishes

What is a Diminishing Polish? Is It one of the best cutting compounds? These polishes will remove very minor imperfections in the paint, such as micro-marring, hazing and holograms. A finishing polish is formulated with a very mild abrasive that finely polishes the paint surface and effectively enhances light refraction and reflectivity and wears down to a finer abrasive for a finer cut.

Generally used as a one-step compound and finish. Diminishing Polishes are easy to use and handy to have. Unfortunately there has been some debate about the mirror like clarity between a diminishing polish and a finishing polish. Most OCD detailers agree – they will still like to finish off with a finishing polish.

Ecoshine Polish F2 is a Diminishing Polish that does a great job to cut and polish for a fine finish. Pair with orange and yellow foam pads or microfiber pads for a quicker cut and polish.

Paint Rejuvenators / Refreshers

Paint refreshers, Paint cleaners or rejuvenators are designed to enhance the depth and gloss while properly preparing the paint for a sealant (like Ecocoat Premier) or wax (Ecoshine Nanowax). Sometimes, but not necessarily, they may have micro abrasives. However,  Ecoshine Renew F4, is completely non-abrasive. Any cut from the non-abrasive comes from the level of Pad that is used.

Paint refreshers like Renew F4 will not typically remove imperfections that require levelling the clear coat. It can however fill up and remove minor oxidation and mineral deposits. While it doesn’t level the clear coat by cutting, its fillers level the clear coat, restoring its gloss significantly and improving its colour.

We’ve seen Yellowed White Paints refresh to its original Whites and even bring back the fiery reds on faded vehicles. Have you tried Paint Rejuvenators before?

Because of its non-abrasive abilities, Renew F4 is great on vintage cars that maintains their original colours. It also works great to refresh a coating or clear coat. Since it doesn’t actually correct a surface, don’t apply a ceramic coating after polishing with Renew F4.


The Perfect Finish 


The Perfect Finish comes from the detailer’s skill, experience and products. Trainings (whether online or from a mentor) helps to prevent the wrong way of doing things and experience is the best teacher for it.  Having the right product propels a good detailer to a great detailer. Using the right product for the job saves time, mistakes and increases your ability to increase revenue.

Imagine being able to reduce your correction time by half or more? it gives you more time with your family, or extra time to work on another shop! IGL Coatings’ F Series is the choice of professionals worldwide. If you haven’t tried it before. Reach out to reps or purchase it now. 


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