What is the Two Bucket Wash Method?

As the name suggests, the Two Bucket Wash Method is a way of cleaning your vehicle without damaging its surface. Basically, you’re only using two buckets for the entire process. One bucket is for your shampoo (not the one for your hair though), and the other is filled with water to clean your wash mitt.

How Does It Work?

The key here is to remove as much dirt or contaminant as possible without getting it back to the surface. Which is why, the right way to do it is to dip your mitt in the shampoo, apply it on your surface, clean the mitt with water and then dip it again in the shampoo. That way, your mitt stays clean longer.

Another tip is that when you wash your vehicle, start from the top all the way to the bottom. This is because most of the dirt or tough residue are located at the bottom of the vehicle. To ensure your mitt stays clean, tackle the bottom area last.

Remember, where possible, its always a good idea to pre-wash your vehicle with ‘snow wash’ to eliminate obvious contaminants on the surface before using the wash mitt to totally cover or ‘immerse’ it with foam.


The Necessary Tools

By that, here is a list of the things you need:

  • Two buckets of course; one for the shampoo and one for water
  • Grit guards to trap any grit from your wash mitt
  • A wash mitt
  • A car shampoo – Ecoclean Blizzard should do the trick!
  • Water

The Two Bucket Car Wash Method is an easy solution to give your vehicle a satisfying look. It prevents any unwanted harm or extra swirls to the surface. the 2 Bucket Wash technique is perfect when paired with the decontamination as explained in our guide here.

But, according to ancient asian legend, there is a Detailing Shifu Master that spins the tale of the extraordinary 3 bucket wash technique…

We’re joking, they totally didn’t have cars then!

Why add 1 more Bucket to the 2 Bucket Wash?

A 3 Bucket Wash adds on a bucket just for wheels. Because its WHEELY Special! Geddit? *please don’t kill us.. we know you secrety love puns!*

As you know wheels can get pretty grimy and gross and the water gets dirty real fast.

But Guess what? So you don’t get it all mixed up.

We’ve got a sweet bonus for you! Download these cool Wash, Rinse, Wheel Decals and stick them on your buckets to prevent any mishaps! Download here right now. No purchase or signups required. 

Best Wash Technique for Ceramic Coated Vehicles?

The 2 Bucket or 3 Bucket Wash is a failsafe. It works well on non-ceramic coated vehicles and even better on  ceramic coated ones! Just be sure to use the right shampoos that is ceramic coating friendly (like Ecoclean Wash / Ecoclean Blizzard).

If you’re looking to learn more about how to maintain a ceramic coating, like Ecocoat Kenzo, one of the best ceramic coatings in the industry, here’s the best ways you can do it like the pros.


Side note: Do you know Ecoclean Blizzard uses sustainable raw ingredients to lift dirt and dissolves impurities by adhering on the surface gently? It has high foam and it is safe to use on ceramic coatings. Cool right?!

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