The frustration is real if you don’t know where to find your customers. Where is this magical pool of people with money to spend on your products & services? Better yet, where is this magical person that can introduce you to the right connection and get you that coveted network boon?

Here’s an idea of where they might be before you start spending all your money on highway billboards & flyers: they’re among the people you talk to everyday. Could be your friends, your neighbours, your colleagues, heck even your internet pen pals if you still have those.

And we’re going to share with you the 3 Steps that will convert them into revenue machines. Read on to find out how you can grow your business!

Step 1: Be THE Friend

Be friendly. Sounds easy enough, right.

Aim to be that friend that they will refer their other friends to. But don’t forget to make sure they know what you do and what you can offer so the information chain is not broken.

Create reasons to connect, no matter how flimsy that connection of friendship is. Follow them Twitter, like or comment on Facebook posts. But nothing creepy or stalk-ish that might get you in trouble. Be THE friend but don’t be THAT guy.

In return, you should say nice things about the person to other people too. Recommend them when you have the opportunity. Remember, what goes around comes around because the world is such a small place.

Don’t forget to “check in” once in a while so they remember who you are and what you do. Sometimes people just forget, even if what you’re doing or selling is exactly what they need.

Step 2: Over-Deliver

Always give more than what is expected.

If they are paying $100, make sure that you give them more than the $100 value. And not necessarily free service or products. You can provide the best after sales customer service ever and people will see that as an added value.

Think of that extra effort getting deposited into your karmic bank account. Years down the road, that money grows and compounds. Eventually, there’s real wealth accumulating and will translate into ka-ching in the real world.

Remember, people are just kids in adult clothes. They love to get presents. So people will want to do business with people who give them presents. Over-delivering is a type of present that is too easy to do and it makes you feel good.

Give and you shall receive.

Step 3: Selling The Dream

Anything and everything is possible.

People know the product, but what they need to know is … the dream. The future that comes from buying your product. Will it make them more money? Will it make them feel like the million dollar man? Will it create more opportunities for them?

No rushing to sell your product in the first 5 seconds. Sell them the dream instead. Give them a taste of what this dream tastes and feels like. Let them explore the infinite possibilities that come with the dream.

But remember, don’t forget to sell them the product AFTER you’ve sold them the dream and refer to Step 2, make sure you over-deliver the value.

Spark the dream, then sell the catalyst to that dream!

Anndd here’s a Bonus Step! Why? Because Over-deliver!

Remember that your best new customers are always your existing old customers.

By nature, people are complacent creatures, they don’t actively like change unless forced to. This means that if they like you, your service or your products, they will stay with you until they don’t!

Set yourself apart from the competition. Treat them how you would like to be treated. Simple gestures go a long way.

Remember the hotel that gave you a personalised message and mint on your pillow? How about when your waiter gave you complimentary desserts? Or that extra fruit when you bought your groceries? Remember that feeling? It’s the same for everyone!

Simple but meaningful actions like a quick tyre shine or placing a snack or mint when they pick their vehicle up gives them reason to like you and stay with you. As a bonus, they will feel appreciated and share how awesome you are to their friends & family!

Now there’s your revenue machine, successfully transformed.

Who are we?

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