There had been many questions about coatings on film wrap. Can IGL Coatings be applied on Matte Film Wrap? What is the benefit of IGL Coatings on Matte Film Wrap? Will IGL Coatings increase the gloss of the matte film wrap. One of our IGL Kenzo Flagship, W. Detailing from Taipei, Taiwan decided to do some testing.


Test subject : 3M Wrap Film 1080-SP10 Satin Pearl ( matte film ).

Test Duration : 40 days


The film is separated into 3 segment and wrapped on to the metal panel. We performed the standard panel preparation (removal of oil and degreasing with IGL Ecoclean Precoat)

Segment A : 2 layers of Swissvax Opaque on top of 3M Wrap Film 1080-SP10 Satin Pearl

Segment B : Control. Just the film 3M Wrap Film 1080-SP10 Satin Pearl

Segment C : 1 layer of IGL Coatings Ecocoat Quartz on top of 3M Wrap Film 1080-SP10 Satin Pearl

p.s: Please accept our apologies as we forgot to take a before testing photo. We will remember to do it next time


The Test Panel is placed on the roof top on 1st June 2016 and it was left for 40 days. During this period, there were a huge typhoon, several heavy rain and very hot direct sun at 38 degree Celcius peak.

On 10th July, 2016 the panel is inspected.  The top part of the panel is wiped with a damp cloth.

It is observed that Segment C, which is coated with IGL Ecocoat Quartz shows extreme ease of cleaning functionality. Whereas for Segment A, which is coated with wax has limited ease of clean function. And finally for Segment B, which is not protected is unable to be cleaned with a simple wipe of a damp cloth.

This is followed up by washing the Segments with a pH 8 gentle cleaner, and the side area of the panel are taped so that the result can be seen more evidently. The results are:

Segment A: There are some light stains all around and can’t be removed with a gentle cleaner.

Segment B: The dirt etches the surface of film and can’t be removed.

Segment C: Very clean, no dirt or stain remained on the surface.


Next the contact angle of the water beading is checked. A drop of water is dripped onto each segment. It is observed that IGL Ecocoat Quartz still maintained its hydrophobicity after 40 days of neglect.

And finally a close up zoom of the water drop contact angle.

Segment B: The surface is hydrophilic and the water drop is flat

Segment A: The surface is close to hydrophilic and the drop is quite flat, too.

Segment C: The surface coated by IGL Ecocoat Quartz is still hydrophobic



From this simple test, it is observed that IGL Coatings Ecocoat Quartz provided the best protection to the wrap film in this comparison. Furthermore, from the pictures above, the matte effect was not affected by IGL Coatings as well. More importantly, IGL Coatings Ecocoat series is able to provide optimum protection for not just paint, but Film Wrap as well.





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