17th May 2016 – Keong Chun Chieh, the CEO of Malaysian based IGL Coatings announced that they currently on a rapid expansion to the European countries and announced that the IGL Coatings Europe team will be led by Roel Reijers, who is currently based in Netherlands.

Keong stated that that the expansion into Europe will not only bring all of the current products offered by IGL Coatings to Europe, but it will provide local support and service to its customers and consumers and added “With his expertise and skills, we look forward to working closely with Reijers and his team. We believe that Reijers shares our same philosophy to reduce the health risks faced by the auto detailers by developing our formulations with only the safest possible materials.”

Roel Reijers believes that IGL Coatings, with its innovative environmentally friendly products and exceptional services offered will be received with much enthusiasm in the European market. “Although Europe has an ample amount of auto detailing products and suppliers, there is a void when it comes to environmentally friendly, easy-to-use automotive coatings” said Reijers. 

Roel Reijers, who is a professional detailer himself, adds “our mission is to reduce health risks and ensure scalability of the auto detailing industries with the use of our products.”

Since incorporation in 2015, IGL Coatings has expanded into 22 countries and continues expanding its international reach to meet the growing demand for innovative environmentally-friendly products.

With the rapid expansion in the second quarter of 2016, particularly in the United States and Gulf Cooperation Council, IGL Coatings is one of the fastest-growing environmentally friendly, low hazard, auto detailing coating company in the world. 


About the Team Members of IGL Coatings Europe

Roel Reijers is the founder of IGL Coatings BENELUX since 2015. Prior to founding IGL Coatings BENELUX, he is the owner of a luxury detailing studio which specializes in Tesla automotives and the distribution of auto detailing products. He has years of experience and knowledge in the automotive and detailing business.

For Roel Reijers, auto detailing it is not only his work but also his passion and his life. Detailing is for him perfection, love and passion. His passion, love and perfection is reflected in his exceptional work at his detailing studio and his leadership at IGL Coatings Europe.





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