You came for the launch, placed your order, and just received your very first EZ! Congrats! You’re part of the IGL Fam now!

IF, you haven’t been following up with the newsletters, launches, and press releases, and you’re now wondering what Ecocoat EZ is, here’s our TL;DR for you: IGL’s latest graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ is perfect as an introductory level coating for automotive enthusiasts and seasoned pros wanting a high gloss, ultra-durable and multi-functional coating! Want to know more? Read here!

How to apply the ceramic coating – Ecocoat EZ?

EZ is good for both new and experienced installers. But before you begin, here are a couple of PRO TIPS 😉😉 on our Ecocoat EZ application.

Applying a coating AFTER paint correction is definitely one of the best ways to protect and maintain that perfect correction that installers have spent countless hours on. Coatings protect and bring out the best in a corrected surface.

Before applying EZ, ensure that all surfaces are clean and free from contaminants such as grease or stains. We recommend using a decontaminating prep, Ecoclean Iron (to remove any iron deposits), and Ecoclean Wash (to remove any dirt grease or oils). For very grimy surfaces, you can add a squirt of Ecoclean Multi into the wash formula to increase the potency.

After washing, make sure the surface is DRY! Use a blower to blow off the water that may be *hidden* in crevices and wipe off any excess water. If you are coating wheels, make sure those are clean as well.

Prep the surface with Ecoclean Precoat and now, you’re ready to coat!

What are the surfaces you can apply on? 

If you’ve read our blogs or watched our LIVE launch, you have probably heard us saying that it is applicable on a variety of surfaces including glass and paint. However, our CEO also recently shared that EZ is not yet ready for plastics and trim.

EZ can be applied on paint, glass BUT NOT plastics. At least not yet 😜

Temperatures to apply ceramic coating – Ecocoat EZ? 

A factor to good ceramic coating application that you should keep in mind is the temperature. It definitely MATTERS! Ceramics can be a bit finicky as it requires certain temperatures to be applied.  Whether you’re new or a seasoned pro, it’s always good practice with any new product; do a test spot application, flashing times, and buff off times before the actual application.

Why? A variety of reasons including humidity, ambient temperatures, UV, IR, and even surface temperatures play a part in flashing times, curing times, and even buffing times. We’ll get into this another time.

EZ works great as a wipe-on wipe-off; working in small areas at a time. We recommend working within the ambient temperature of between 20-26°C! The surface temperature should not be hot to the touch. As EZ is a Low Solids formula, specifically designed for a quick application, working on larger areas might cause it to flash and cure before you are able to buff and level the coating off. 

Premature curing or flashing is definitely something we are not looking forward to.

But what if that happens?

If EZ has flashed before you are able to buff off, first try to reactivate EZ with more EZ on an application cloth, to reactivate the coating. Once reactivated, level it with a microfiber towel. If the coating cannot be reactivated with EZ, we recommend using just a tad bit of ecoclean multi on a damp cloth to level or remove EZ. That should do the trick, easy peasy.

Can I apply Ecocoat EZ at temperatures above 41°C?

Unfortunately, when temperatures are high or exposed to direct sunlight, it will create issues. As such, we wouldn’t recommend it!

Should I suit up when applying for EZ?

Always, safety first! You don’t need a hazmat suit but it is always recommended to wear gloves (provided in your kit) and respiratory protection masks when dealing with any coatings. This reduces any health risks (because you are important!) or accidental inhalation of any chemicals.

When can I wash my car after ceramic coating?

Wash your car after curing – which takes between 3-5 days.

Clean and wash with a neutral pH exterior shampoo, after 3 days (5 days to be safe!). We recommend using a neutral pH shampoo, specifically designed for ceramic coatings. (Ecoclean Wash is our go-to low suds formula for this).

But what if the car gets dirty in prior washing? Can I wash my car before it cures? Absolutely not. Keep it clean with just water and a quick wipe down with a clean washing mitt or cloth, to prevent any water spots.  Avoid water contact for at least 1-4 hours after application – well, the longer the better!

Where should I apply a ceramic coating like EZ?

Apply ceramic coatings, including Ecocoat EZ in low dust, temperature-controlled environment with good air circulation.

If applying outdoors, it’s best to apply in a shaded area without exposure to direct sunlight. However, do take note of temperature fluctuations that will make flashing times of the coating irregular which may create frustrations during the application. We recommend working quickly, to wipe on and wipe off (in small areas) immediately to reduce any premature flashing. 

Also, don’t forget to read up on the TDS! You can download the TDS here.

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