Recently, Mike Phillips from Autogeek used some of our products to rescue a yellow 1937 Ford Roadster Street Rod. Find out what Mike had to say about IGL Coatings Abrasive System (F1, F2, F3) & Ecocoat Poly! You can read his full review at AutogeekOnline.

“These IGL products are TOP-SHELF products.” –  Mike Phillips, Director of Training at

Ecocoat Poly, High Solids 8H Ceramic Coating

“This [Ecocoat Poly] is a really nice ceramic coating. It has a 4-5 minute flash time and this is perfect for anyone that’s new to ceramic coatings but it’s also convenient for seasoned professionals too as you have plenty of time to wipe the just-coated panel to remove any high spots.”

“The gloss? Freaking amazing. Did you see the pictures above? Nuff said.”

IGL Coatings Abrasive System, Ecoshine Compound F1, Ecoshine Polish F2 & Ecoshine Finish F3

“These IGL products are TOP SHELF products.

They perform as advertised. The compound offers excellent cutting and finishing with ZERO dusting and the buffing cycle is as long as you want to buff. The polishes act the same way, excellent cutting (for their category), zero dusting and forever buffing cycle. And just as important – all products wipe off easy.”

Abrasive Technology

“After using these three products I can testify that the IGL compound and their 2 polishes use great abrasive technology.”

“I talk a LOT about abrasive technology on this forum, on Facebook, YouTube and in my car and boat detailing classes and the reason why is because in my opinion and experience is the NUMBER ONE most important factor when it comes to polishing car paint.


Because it is the abrasive technology that touches the paint FIRST. Then the pad, behind the pad is the tool and behind the tool is the person. I’ve now spent over 10 years on the Autogeek forum helping others to undo the damage substandard abrasive technology has inflicted into their car’s paint simply because the product they used did not use great abrasive technology.

After using these three products I can testify that the IGL compound and their 2 polishes use great abrasive technology.”

“After compounding the paint I inspected it with the new Speed Master Swirl Finder Light AND I almost didn’t do the follow-up step of polishing with a softer pad and a less aggressive polish BECAUSE the compound finished out so perfect. Yes – I said perfect.”

Targeting Dirt Staining

The 1937 Ford Roadster Street Rod came in with quite a few issues. But the most noticeable is how dull the paint looks.

Of course, it comes with other issues as well such as swirl marks. Here’s a preview before Mike took to using abrasive on the paint.

After a thorough waterless wash and claying, here’s how it looks like.

The dullness is still present alongside the swirl marks due to the dirt staining that has impacted ONTO and INTO the paint. Simply washing the car would not be enough to rejuvenate the paint.

Mike used some Ecoshine Polish F2 on the hood and check out the before and after pics of the foam polishing pad below. The white polishing pad turned yellow, with a brownish/grayish color. That’s the dirt staining on the paint built up over the years. 

For the rest of the single-stage yellow paint, Mike decided to use Ecoshine Compound F1, followed by Ecoshine Finish F3. Here’s a result pic from the heavy compounding step.

It’s a huge improvement from the original condition it was in! Our Abrasive System specifically targets the single stage paint to bring back the luster and shine of the original paint. Check out the comparison!

And to seal in the perfection, Mike coated the freshly cut yellow paint with Ecocoat Poly. It brings out the shine and enhances the color of the 1937 Ford Roadster Street Rod.

Thank you, Mike Phillips, for reviewing our products. Here’s a video from the work he’s done with IGL Coatings products to rescue the yellow 1937 Ford Roadster Street Rod.


If you’re in the US, for Ecocoat Poly, Ecoshine Compound F1, Ecoshine Polish F2, and Ecoshine Finish F3, head over to today! Available for shipping throughout the Continental U.S.

Mike Phillips is the Director of Training at Mike shares his extensive detailing experience and thorough understanding of vehicle surface care with other hobbyists and professionals. One of the foremost experts on auto detailing and paint restoration, Mike has taught countless detailing classes since 1987 and has been a guest speaker at numerous car club events and car shows around the United States as well as in other countries





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