Restoring headlights with toothpaste? How about a generous baking soda mix for stained interiors? Will it or won’t it cause more damage?

We’re gonna uncover the biggest detailing myths on the internet! And yes, share this piece with your friendly neighbor who’s been using an old rag to wash his car too.

Let’s delve deep!

Top 5 Detailing Myths

Myth 1: A shiny car is a clean car. 

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If you were to look up the word “clean” and “shiny” on Merriam-Webster, they have quite distinctive meanings. And it seems like they’re not on the same page too (did you get the pun?). 

Here’s what we can tell you: your car paint can look as glossy as a showroom shine, but that doesn’t qualify it as ‘clean’. 

What is clean?

Inspect with your touch and not your eyes. If your car’s surface feels somewhat grubby, dusty, and littles tiniest pits when you run your fingers on them, your ride’s long overdue for a good wash. 

However, washing alone won’t eliminate all the gunks and pollutants that might be lurking on the surfaces of your rides. Before applying sealants and compounds, make sure that the surface is fully clean by decontaminating the body (AKA removing fallouts).

Whether it’s brake dust, industrial fallout, tar, sap, or water spots, we have Ecoclean Iron to remove them!

Spray iron decontaminator onto any external surface and wait a few minutes for it to work its magic. After awhile, any hidden iron deposits will be dissolved, leaving your car a fine sparkle.

Paint Iron remover/wheel cleaner / iron remover | Shopee Malaysia

Myth 2: We don’t need a microfiber cloth, we have old rags. 

Old pop’s tee and towels, will they ever go away?

Sure, whatever fabric you have in your closet feels super soft on your skin. NOT ON YOUR CAR. 

They can cause swirly art on your car paint.

Use microfiber cloths specifically designed for cars instead. Like they say, better safe than sorry. 

But why microfiber cloth specifically? They’re safe for both painted and glass surfaces. The finest ones are made to leave your car spot-free.

Water streaks, who? Never heard of her🤷🏼‍♀️detailing myth

Myth 3: Dishwashing soap is good for a car wash. 

Uh, oh. Undeniably Dawn or any diswash soaps may be extremely good to remove oil, grease, or any food residue. 

We agree that it gets the job done, no cap. But it can strip more than just that! 

It’s called dishwashing liquid for a reason, Kevin. They’re meant for your dishes, not your car. 

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Dishes don’t require a good lubricant but cars do! Without sufficient lubrication, you’re just creating more swirls. The lubrication in automotive shampoos prevents the wash from micro-marrings!

Want to know the good stuff? We recommend Blizzard and Wash. They’re some of the best exterior shampoos in the market! 

Myth 4: A good car coating lasts five-ever (that’s longer than forever!) 

Hold my beer, please! 

Sadly, this classic sales pitch is a myth. Regardless of what the dealer claims, the lifespan of your car wax is solely determined by what it was put on AND the external working conditions of your car. 

Understand what a car coating can do to protect your vehicle.  Ceramic coatings typically need a good maintenance program as well as a medium understanding of how to keep it clean and well maintained between details.

A ceramic coating is NOT invincible. 

Think of it as a shield of sorts. A sacrificial layer that takes the damage instead of your clear coat. Over time, yes, it will get scratched. It will age and it will wear out. Find out how to tell if your coating has worn out.

With proper care and know-how, a great ceramic coating can be the best investment you’ve made for your car!

Myth 5: Waterspots, man! They’re tattooed forever. 

detailing myth

Wrong. It’s true that they can be hellish to remove, but they’re not impossible to be DELETEd! You don’t even need to send them off to a detailer. Just a few drops of Ecoclean Delete in your driveway does the job, we promise. 

And that is some detailing myth debunking facts from us. 

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