The abrasive polish and compounding systems, ecoshine compound f1ecoshine polish f2 and ecoshine finish f3 were first introduced by IGL Coatings in 2017 (read more). Available in 300gms (10.58oz) and 1000gms (35.27oz) variants, the abrasive systems were an instant hit with detailers and installers.

The abrasive compounds and polishes are perfect for prep work before installing IGL Coatings ecocoat coating series, providing a powerful punch that complements the IGL Coatings range of products.

What is ecoshine polish f2?

Polishes are essentially a paste (or sometimes in liquid form) made up of hundreds of million abrasive grains held in suspension with a lubricant. These abrasive grains remove uneven surfaces, creating smoother, more reflective surfaces.

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ecoshine polish f2 is a super efficient cutting-polishing compound that utilizes our diminishing abrasive technology. The abrasives breaks down when exposed to friction and this process allows for the removal of scratches, dullness and medium to coarse sanding marks. It may also be used on both oxidised and new well dried paints.

How does ecoshine polish f2 work as abrasive?

As a diminishing polish, ecoshine polish f2 achieves the highest quality finish possible after allowing the product to fully dissolve. When the polish is first applied, ecoshine polish f2 will be more aggressive than ordinary polishes, deeply cutting or polishing the surface.

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As time progresses, ecoshine polish f2 will lose its cutting ability as the abrasive dissolves. When fully dissolved, it will diminish with little to no cutting action.  This allows ecoshine polish f2 to achieve a higher level of finish as compared to traditional polishes.

When given sufficient time to cut and polish, the results are a glossy and stunning reflective surface.

6 easy steps to using your bottle of ecoshine polish f2

ecoshine polish f2 is generally applied by variable speed polisher with a medium-hard foam pad (IGL Coatings FM-O or FM-Y)

  1. Apply a small quantity of ecoshine polish f2 on the polishing pad.
  2. Let the polisher turn at low revolutions and spread the product on the surface via crossed movements.
  3. Gradually speed up revolutions to 800-1500 RPM.
  4. Be careful of preventing the surface from overheating and do not allow the polisher to stay on the same surface without adding more products.
  5. Repeat the application if required, or until the surface correction is completed.
  6. Wipe away any leftover product before it dries and buff the area with a clean microfibre cloth.


You can also watch the process below!

Important Note: When using ecoshine polish f2, it is important to work the polish through out its entire buffing cycle. This gives the abrasives time to break down, allowing the polish to leave a higher quality finish. Remember not to overwork the product and always keep your pad clean for best results.

There you have it, 6 easy steps to using IGL Coatings abrasive system ecoshine polish f2. Do you have your own experience with ecoshine polish f2 to tell us? Share it with us at today!

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