Brake dust can really make or break the whole shine you have on your ride. Though you take extra steps to wash and maintain the whole slick look, one glance at the red and brown brake dust collecting on your rims will tell you otherwise. And the thing is there’s no way around it. But where does it come from?

Are you facing excessive brake dust on your wheels? Well, it is basically the byproduct of your functioning brake pads. So having brake dust spread over on the wheels really is just a testament to how your brakes are still working. But when it spreads excessively on the regular, especially on the front wheels, cleaning can get tiring.

Excessive brake dust on front wheels

You may notice your front wheels getting caked up with brake dust quicker compared to your rear wheels. The reason for this is simply the torque in each brake. Though cars have brakes on all 4 wheels, front wheel brakes have the primary responsibility in the brake system.

However, if you notice excessive brake dust on just one side of the wheel, it is better to check your brake mileage. Perhaps it’s time to change the calipers?

Removing brake dust from rims

Of course, the best way to keep your wheels clean is constant cleaning and maintenance routine. But are you really looking forward to breaking the elbow grease every few weekends when all you want is a can of beer or two?

You can start concocting your own brake dust remover to help with the process. A simple search on the internet shows the list of items you’ll need to get rid of the dust caked on your wheels. Or, you can hit up the nearest accredited detailer and purchase our dedicated rust and brake dust cleaner from accredited detailers worldwide. It’s up to you, really. We’re just saying, our ecoclean iron works pretty well. And if you prefer a video, we got one right on our Youtube channel. Don’t forget to like and subscribe while you’re at it 😉

Maintaining wheels from brake dust with ease

Keeping the brake dust off your wheels can be a tiring routine. As wheels are the most abused part of your car, with all the road dust and Which is why more vehicle owners are applying ceramic coating on their rims. Many have commented about the ease of cleaning and maintenance after applying ceramic coating.

About 95% of the daily grime clinging to your wheels can be pressure washed off the ceramic coating layer. While the occasional iron remover and minor agitation are needed when it comes to tough stains, the ceramic coating layer ultimately reduces the amount of time and energy needed when it comes to washing and maintaining your sparkling rims.

Choosing a suitable ceramic coating for wheel types

If you’ve read this far, you must be wondering if your wheels are compatible with ceramic coatings. When it comes to ecocoat wheel, our ceramic coating made specifically to protect your rims, it can be applied to treat alloy and metal surfaces.

ecocoat wheel, ceramic coating for your rims

ecocoat wheels is nanotech synthesised and contains more than 90% active materials. The ceramic coating interlocks on a molecular level and hardens to protect wheel surface, creating a protection layer that is resistant to brake dust, super hydrophobic as well as self-cleaning. And thanks to the high heat resistance of our wheel ceramic coating, ecocoat wheel can last up to 1 year with proper maintenance.

Benefit of ecocoat wheel for your car

  1. 9H Extreme Hardness: The ceramic coating layer hardens and reduces contaminant permeability, making it hard for dust to etch into your rim surface
  2. Heat Resistant: The ceramic coating formulation has high heat resistant, reducing damage caused by everyday road grime and brake dust
  3. Super Hydrophobic: The 95° water contact angle that repels liquid can retain this hydrophobicity for a long period
  4. Self-cleaning: The self-cleaning effect ensures that your wheels stay clean from road grime and dirt for an extended period

Where to get IGL Coatings products?

Hit up our nearest accredited detailer and ask for IGL Coatings! And if they’re not carrying our brand, let them know you’re interested 😉 tell them we have worldwide accreditations all year long.

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