What’s the best Water Spot remover to remove water spots?

We know, you’re probably having a bit of water spots and you’re looking for the best water spot remover to remove those pesky water spots.

To answer that, we’ll need to look exactly into the top qualities of a great water spot remover and how to “spot” the best.

  • easy to use ✅
  • works instantly ✅
  • safe on ceramic coatings ✅
  • dilute-able (or concentrated for strength) ✅
  • efficient & saves time ✅

But wait, what exactly is a water spot? 

Over time, traces of hard minerals, road salts, acids and metals remain on the surface of a vehicle. These traces are known as water spots.

If you’ve read a previous blog article of ours pertaining to water spots, you would’ve picked up the fact that these minerals could (and would! ) etch into the clear coat of the vehicle if not removed.

Is it difficult to remove water spots? Well, it depends on the type of water spot that have made its way onto a vehicle. Here’s the differences between the types of water spots and the risks they pose to a vehicle. 

Spotting The Best Water Spot Remover

Professional Detailers know that the best products to use are dedicated cleaners that make easy work out of a tough situation. Using the best products improves their businesses, their time and the trust of their clients. So here are the best kept secrets!


Great professional products doesn’t need to be difficult to use.

Easy = faster time to learn +  less errors + simple steps! 

This is why we’re always Keeping it Simple at IGL.

One of the main advantages that comes with using Ecoclean Delete is definitely its ease of application! A simple wipe on wipe off – does wonders for the surface of the vehicle as we see here.



You don’t want to be using Strong Acids that can burn through surfaces. Especially when you’re working on million dollar cars!

A great water spot remover works to remove water spots easily with enough power for tough spots but gentle enough for fresh spots too!

IGL Delete is concentrated and works well on the tough water spots. When dealing with fresh and new water spots, all you need is a little water. A little goes a long way and IGL Delete saves you more than just from a rainy day.



Time is important and you don’t want to be working hours at end on a water spot problem! A dedicated water spot remover works well to remove water spots instantly. Quickly and  Efficiently.

Imagine spending just minutes instead of hours or Days… on a vehicle hit with hard water!

With IGL Delete, the difference is like night and day. Saving you hours of work, freeing up more time for the family, Delete works fast and furious for you!



Versatility is something a great water spot remover needs. We’re not talking about the home remedy vinegar mixes.

We’re looking at cold salted wintery roads and splashes of construction cement. Ecoclean Delete softens and dissolves the minerals in road salts and cement, making them a breeze to remove.



Whats worse than water spots? Repainting due to accidents!

You don’t want something so weak that it takes hours and elbow grease to use. That’s not good use of your time! Neither do you want something that strips expensive ceramic coatings from the vehicles.

Well good news! Ecoclean Delete is safe to use for all types of paintwork, which includes ceramic coating. Important! Delete is not recommended to be used on windscreen, laminating glass, windshields, glass and side mirrors.


So we know how important it is for you to have the best – so we came up with a winning formula to help eliminate water spots on vehicles.



Ecoclean Delete has the winning formula  which helps soften hard minerals left by water on surfaces.

The result?

Fast and efficient removal of water spots without abrasives! Now, that’s a bargain!

All you need to do is just pour a sufficient amount of Ecoclean Delete and wipe on the affected surface!

But take note, Ecoclean Delete is an acid. We recommend strongly to handle it safely!

And since it is acid, don’t forget to neutralize it with water immediately after application!

But wait…HOW does it soften the minerals?


Ecoclean Delete has an acid value of pH1. Made of a proprietary blend of acids that helps to break down and dissolve minerals and even cement! This winning formula creates the easiest wipe on, wipe off method of removing stubborn  water spots.

Why choose Ecoclean Delete over other water spot removers?

Well, there are multiple benefits to Ecoclean Delete, as can be seen in the diagram below!

Benefits and Features of Ecoclean Delete

Indeed, there are many benefits and features that come with Ecoclean Delete. But let’s elucidate [use simpler terms] them in a more detailed manner, shall we?


..so, what’s the verdict?

Looking for the Best Water Spot Remover? Then look no further! Ecoclean Delete ticks all the boxes and works like a charm to remove water spots!

If you’re interested to know more about about Ecoclean Delete, please visit here! If you’re a detailer and would like to get accredited and join the IGL Coatings family, click here!

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