What are they and why do so many people have trouble with water spots?

Water spots are whitish spots left by water on car paints or glass. Common sources of water spots include tap water (from washing without drying, sprinklers or neighbours), rain, snow in the winter and really any unfiltered water.

Minerals and salts in the water gets deposited on the surface as the water evaporates off. Over time, these usually corrosive solids will etch the surface if left for a while.

Minerals usually found in tap waters (like calcium and magnesium carbonates) are sparsely soluble in water. This means that once it is dried out of water, it is really difficult for it to be re-dissolved back into water.

So why do so many people frown at water spots?

Because people are busy! Who has the time to keep wiping surfaces dry!

But! Are water spots permanent?

It doesn’t have to be! Here’s the best ways to remove water spots and the popular myths surrounding them.

Myth 1: Vinegar gets rid of water spots.


Here are the steps for using vinegar to remove  water spots:

Step1 : Create your cleaning solution by mixing 2 parts distilled water and 1 part white vinegar in a large bowl.

Step2 : Spray on and  leave for 10 minutes

Step3 : Rub off with a cloth. 

Step4: Repeat.

But will vinegar remove water spots?

Yes and No. The acidity in vinegar helps to increase the solubility of minerals in the water, making it easier to dissolve. However,  because vinegar is a weaker acid, it will have its limitations.

This homemade remedy will work for VERY weak water spots; but will be tough on those hard water stains.

Can we use vinegar on car paint?

While it may work safely on some surfaces; such as mirrors and glass. Vinegar is not recommended to use on car paint. It can damage the clear coat and make the paint look dull over time.

Also, you’ll will need to “rub it in” to work. Creating more micro-scratches and swirls than you need.  A big Nono, especially for professional detailers!


Professional Detailers don’t waste their time on 5-min TikTok hacks. They prefer dedicated automotive water spot removers such as IGL Ecoclean Delete. Safe for the car paint, Works instantly, and Reliable. Wow look at that difference!


Myth 2: Wheel Acid Removes Water Spots. 

In many detailing blogs, wheel acids are noted to be the most efficient methods of water spot removal from car paint. Stating that it can remove almost 100% water spots from the car within a minute. However, incorrectly used heavy-duty degreasers and acidic washes can dull and corrode the painted surface.

Why is wheel acid so effective in removing water spots?

Compared with the Vinegar mix that took about 10 minutes; 1 Minute cuts it by 10x!

Wheel acids are effective; being one of the strongest acids. That’s why it’s also very dangerous – to both you and your vehicle!

It’s designed to be used on wheels to remove stubborn brake dust, iron deposits and other embedded metallic contamination from wheels and lower body panels.

Wheel acids are not specifically designed for water spots. While some claim to be safe on paint with the correct dilution, but it still may cause irreparable damage. Especially on car paint.

In short, wheel acids are meant for cleaning wheels. Not water spots.  And at your own risk!

For waters pots on car paint, choose one that won’t damage or dull the surface. A dedicated water spot remover, designed for paint, like IGL’s Ecoclean  Delete, will be your best and safest bet.


Myth 3: Neutralise Acids with Alkali.  

Acid based products, like IGL Delete, increase the solubility of the minerals in water. Making the minerals easier to dissolve and be wiped off while not being damaging to car paints or ceramic coatings.

Dedicated water spot removers selectively remove only the stains on the surface and leave the surface good as new.

Acids are measured on a pH scale. The pH scale measures the acidity/alkalinity of a solution. Neutral is 7, lower is acid (starting from 1), higher is alkaline (up to 14) . The range of the scale is 0-14.

Should we neutralise Acids with Alkali?

When you add an alkali to an acid, a chemical reaction occurs. If exactly the right amounts of acid and alkali are mixed, you will achieve a neutral solution aka. neutralisation reaction. However, you will need to know exactly the right amounts to use!

The amount of product used a spot cleaner such as Ecoclean Delete (and the recommended wipe off application) can be easily neutralized with water.

There is no need to neutralize with alkaline cleaners (such as Ecoclean Multi) as strong alkaline cleaners could potentially damage the coated surface or paint.

Myth 4: Spray on Wipe off water spot cleaners.

Spraying makes it easier to apply product onto the surface. However, when it comes to acids, and acid based products, here’s the top reasons why we don’t recommend spraying!

  1. CONCENTRATED PRODUCT: Nozzles on sprayers are not created equal. Some are in spray mode and some on stream. Even with a spray mode, the concentration of the product may be uneven, causing excessive concentration on a particular spot.
  1. OVERSPRAY: Acids can get onto surfaces you didn’t intend to. Which could potentially cause more damage. Apply it onto a microfiber cloth instead. This ensures even product usage, and prevents it from being “oversprayed” on areas that wasn’t intended.
  1. ACID VAPOURS: Spraying releases vapours in the air. This makes it easier for us to breathe in or get onto our skin. Acids are corrosive in nature and should always be handled safely!


So that’s it! The most Popular Water spot Myths addressed!

Forget about home made water spot fixes!

Do what the professionals do and get specialised water spot removers that’s tried and tested by professionals around the world.

Ecoclean Delete from IGL Coatings is probably the best water spot remover in the industry. Works well in the automotive industry, marine and even aviation. Delete dissolves water spots quickly and effectively, saving time and money spent!

It’s even exceptional around the home!

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