Recently a detailer in Ukraine who frequently performs harsh tests on coatings did an interesting test. 8 coatings from different companies were collected and it was subjected to the alkaline wash and water spot resistance:

  1. Brand GYN Mhs (2 layers)
  2. Brand CP UK (2 layers)
  3. IGL Ecocoat Quartz (2 layers) *in this test, it is only effectively 1 layer*
  4. Brand UC (2 layers)
  5. Brand NX 3D (2 layers)
  6. Brand KX T (2 layers)
  7. Brand UltraC (2 layers)
  8. Brand CC O (2 layers)

The Test Panel
Steel panel (size 85cm x32cm) coated with black solid and with cheap refinish clearcoat – Upol (from Ukraine) about 1.5 months prior to this test. Thickness of the base color and clear coat is approximately ~90 micron.

Coating Application
The test panel is divided into eight zones. Each zone is coated with 2 times application of protective coating. The 2nd layer was applied after 1 hour.

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NOTE : This method of application might not be accurate for all the coatings above. IGL Ecocoat Quartz requires 2-4 hours of cure time (5-50° C) before applying the 2nd layer. By applying the 2nd layer after only 1 hour, we are only effectively getting 1 layer of IGL Ecocoat Quartz on the test panel.

Alternatively if the panel is heated to 60° C, the wait time is only 1 hour.

After applying the coatings, the panel is kept indoor at room temperature of 20° C for 48 hours. After 48 hours, the panel is placed under an air conditioner split unit for 6 days.


Wash Test
After 6 days of outdoor exposure the panel is washed with alkaline shampoo (KARCHER rm 806) with pH of 12.5
The panel are subjected to 2, 5, and 10 washes. Each wash consist of 50 moves with a hard sponge.

In this test, IGL Ecocoat Quartz with just 1 layer performed fairly in comparison to some of the competitors.



Water Spot Resistance Test
After the wash test, the test moved on to testing the panels for water spot etching resistance. The hardness of the water was measured at 150 ppm and the panel was left overnight.

The panels are washed again for 2 times and the results are observed below:

Alternatively, this was a quick video of the Wash Resistance we did in comparison of IGL Ecocaot Quartz if applied properly

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All images and test results are sourced from the forum below :





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