ecocoat eclipse is a ceramic coating that offers the perfect solution for industrial surface protection. With high resistance against chemical agents, ecocoat eclipse protects equipments, machineries and building structures that are exposed to harsh conditions. It adds a layer onto the substrate that repels oil, water and dirt. A coating system that is applicable for almost all types of painted surface such as alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy, ecocoat eclipse can reduce maintenance and cleaning time for large factories, local businesses and private owners.

7 surface protection benefits of ecocoat eclipse

ecocoat eclipse was introduced in late 2017 to fill in the needs of industrial equipments, providing protection against contaminants while making it easy to maintain equipments. ecocoat eclipse is rated 10H hardness on the pencil scale and is specifically formulated with the intention to be used for industrial purposes. It is a user-friendly coating system that works on almost all types of paint surfaces and provides resistance from micro-marring and weathering. It also provides an excellent finish to the surface.

  1. HIGH SOLIDS: 80% active material content, 20% solvent creating a thick film build
  2. EXTREME HARDNESS: Crosslinks and full cures to hardness of up to 10H (pencil scale)
  3. SELF-CLEANING: Surface stays clean for a longer period thanks to the self-cleaning effect
  4. HIGH CARC: High chemical agent resistant behaviour allowing the coating to withstand demanding applications
  5. VERSATILE APPLICATION: Coating can be applied by HVLP spraying, brushing or rolling
  6. SUPERB HYDROPHOBIC QUALITY: Water contact angle that surpasses 100° and retaining close to this angle for a long period
  7. EASY TO MAINTAIN: Thanks to the hydrophobic nature, cleaning time is reduced by 50%

Note: To purchase ecocoat eclipse, you must first be an accredited & certified detailer by IGL Coatings to ensure proper application process. Worry not, certification classes are available worldwide so don’t forget to register your interest at to know where the next certification class will be held.

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