The varieties of where ecocoat eclipse can be used is limitless and has been used on various surfaces with impressive results. As ecocoat eclipse can generally be used on most painted surfaces, this provides other opportunities for automotive detailers to provide additional services such as coating service for trucks, haulers, building walls, flooring and heavy machinery.

How to sell ecocoat eclipse service to your customer

The layer of ecocoat eclipse over the substrate helps in reducing grease, grime and dirt buildup, hence making it far easier to clean. A coating system that is applicable for almost all types of painted surface such as alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxy, ecocoat eclipse can reduce maintenance and cleaning time for large trucks like this that are always on the go.

ecocoat eclipse was introduced in late 2017 to fill in the needs of industrial equipments, providing protection against contaminants while making it easy to maintain equipments. Local businesses can also benefit from having ecocoat eclipse applied onto their shop, whether it’s located in a building or in a mobile truck!

A user-friendly coating system that works on almost all types of paint surfaces and provides resistance from micro-marring and weathering, it also provides an excellent finish to the surface. And if someone’s looking to protect their personal investment like a side by side, you know ecocoat eclipse can get the job done.


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