ecocoat KENZO was officially launched in 2015 during the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. As the pioneer of the 10H hardness ceramic coating on the pencil scale, ecocoat KENZO gained a lot of attention for being first of its kind. Containing 100% active material and 0% solvent, ecocoat KENZO cures to a thick 10H hardness on the pencil scale film. This gives the surface a luxurious silk texture that rivals bespoke wax while boasting superb hydrophobic quality that surpasses the contact angle of 120°. Aside from that, ecocoat KENZO increases resistance against water spots and provides self-cleaning properties, ensuring the car surface stays clean longer.

Applying ecocoat KENZO

We are firm believers of eco-friendly and user-friendly products. This also includes our high end 10H hardness on pencil scale ceramic coating, ecocoat KENZO. And to ensure that only the best results are achieved, ecocoat KENZO can only be installed by certified detailers.

Want to get certified? Contact your local IGL Distributor today! If you reside in the USA, you can view the schedule here. More dates are added throughout the year.

ecocoat KENZO is a REACH compliant product and free of VOC. It comes in 40ml kits for hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment of paints like alkyd, acrylic, polyurethane and epoxies. Depending on your application method, each square metre will only need 1-5ml of ecocoat KENZO. Before any ceramic coating application, please make sure that you are in a well ventilated area within room temperature.

Ecocoat Kenzo is a certified 10H ceramic coating. Read more about ceramic coating hardness tests

Step 1: Clean the surface before installing ecocoat KENZO

Always apply ceramic coatings right after the cleaning process. Long-term stability and abrasion resistance of ceramic coatings lie in the chemical bonds. To allow sufficient bonding between ecocoat KENZO and your chosen surface, ensure thorough decontamination and degreasing. As mentioned above, installation of ceramic coatings should be done within temperature range of 5-50°C, preferably within the 20-26°C range.

Step 2: Apply ecocoat KENZO onto surface

Installing ecocoat KENZO is a straightforward process. Each 40ml kit contains one bottle of 20ml ecocoat KENZO base and one bottle of 20ml ecocoat KENZO top to be applied accordingly. Below are the key application techniques for you to properly install your ecocoat KENZO!

  1. Place a few drops of ecocoat KENZO base onto your application cloth
  2. Apply the coating lightly in a 3 x 3 feet area vertically then horizontally, ensuring an overlap
  3. Buff off the surface after 5-10 minutes or until a small resistance forms
  4. Allow ecocoat KENZO base to cure for 2 hours
  5. Place a few drops of ecocoat KENZO top onto a fresh application cloth
  6. Apply the coating lightly in a 3 x 3 feet area vertically then horizontally, ensuring an overlap
  7. Buff off the surface after 0.5-2 minutes or until a small resistance forms


Note: please refer to the technical data sheet available in each ecocoat KENZO kit for further details, specification, curing and buffing times.

After the coating fully cures in the next 3-5 days, you have successfully installed your ecocoat KENZO!





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