Ease up our new and improved coating! Say hello to our ONLY 1-layer coating, graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ! Created and reinvented especially for detailers, automotive enthusiasts, and detailing fans.  Perfect for the seasoned detailers and also as an introductory level coating.

Ecocoat EZ was inspired by the #IGLfam who needed an easy and on-the-go coating to grow their business. EZ is a durable and versatile 1-later coating that can be used on various surfaces such as paint, wheel, metal, and glass thereby, reducing the need of investing in various coatings for multiple purposes. Our new and improved Ecocoat EZ is both time and cost-saving. EZ increases the paint’s reflectivity, improves gloss, and increases resistance against harsh chemicals. It prevents micro marring, increases resistance against water-spotting and dullness for up to 1 year.

Its unique wipe-on and wipe-off formula get the job done as easily as 1-2-3!

Why Do You Need Our Graphene Reinforced Ecoocat Ez?

  1. Has an 8H hardness rating – for added durability and resistance!
  2. Improved gloss and claritygloss is boss after the addition of graphene nanoplatelets.
  3. Enhanced slip angle and hydrophobicity – for efficient cleaning and protection!
  4. Improved water spot and chemical resistance – resistance against acids, alkali, and water pots, that will prevent weathering.
  5. Durable for up to 12 months – a good protection capability!
  6. Can be used on surfaces such as paint, metal, wheel, and glass!
  7. Better reflectivity!
  8. Compliant with import regulations; TSCA (USA), AICS (Australia), ECHA (EU), and KECL (South Korea)

How Do You Apply Ecocoat EZ?

  1. Clean the surface prior to application using our Ecoclean Wash. Remove any grease or contaminants from the surface using Ecoclean Precoat to completely prep the surface (bonus: get a fresh citrusy scent!)
  2. Coat the surface immediately after prep.
  3. With its cap on, mix Ecocoat EZ by shaking its bottle. Place a few drops on the application cloth in a vertical direction. (Remember to wear protective gear!)
  4. LESS IS MORE. Avoid generous amounts of coating that may lead to uneven application and high spots. Apply EZ lightly with minimal pressure in a vertical and eventually, the horizontal direction in a small 1×1 feet application area. Ensure the coated areas are overlapping.
  5. Immediately buffing off the coating after application. Working with a buddy, buff off with a clean microfiber cloth helps reduce any premature curing or hardening.
  6. EZ’s high-speed curing may be unfamiliar to some detailers. If high spots or uneven coating occur, use some EZ to reactive the coating or use Ecoclean Multi (spray Multi onto a damp towel and wipe the coating off completely, ensuring that the surface is clean)
  7.  Air-dry the coated surface for 4 hours after application and avoid contact with water.
  8. Allow the coating to cure completely in 3-5 days.

How does Ecocoat EZ’s 1-layer system work?

Our Ecocoat EZ has a unique one-later system that crosslinks with a slight impregnation to the paint system. The introduction of graphene nanoplatelets enhances clarity and gloss while simultaneously increased the hardness rating to 8H, water spots, and chemical resistance to prevent weathering and slip angle as well.

Not to forget it is fully compliant with import regulations*!

*approved by TSCA(USA), AICS(Australia), ECHA (EU), & KECL (South Korea)

Want to know how Ecocoat EZ was created? Read more about the birth of graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ in our press release. Watch our official Facebook Live Launch of Ecocoat EZ here.

For further details and availability of graphene reinforced Ecocoat EZ, please speak with your country distributor or representative; have a look at our list here. For further information, visit www.iglcoatings.com, check us out on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube, or email us at marketing@iglcoatings.com. 





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